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Authoritarian decisions, the Manual, & formations

Message 5758 · Irene Van Maarseveen · 30 Nov 1996 03:24:55 · Top

Oberdan Otto says about those running the RSCDS [27 Nov]:

> For the most part these people deserve our praise and thanks for
their dedication and significant contributions ... <


> I might disagree with their conclusions ... <

Also yes. So I'd like to suggest again - talk to the people who're
in a position to make the changes. Of course, they might disagree
with the suggestion or comment being made.

It's we, the members, who've asked these people to do on our behalf
everything the RSCDS does. I agree with Stefan Barthel [26 Nov]:
> Great congress of teachers to decide a new manifestum? Oh no,
please! <

For those who don't know - the Convener of the Publications Committee
is John Drewry (I assume that hasn't recently changed).

I don't believe that there's a taboo on correspondence from
individuals or Affiliated Groups. *But*, let's at least be
considerate. Two points, then, to consider.

Firstly - I'm sure no Committee would appreciate it if each of the
25000 members wrote asking eg whether the step-together in a circle
should be a half-speed one on the 7th step or a quick one on the 8th.
Secondly - if, say, two members of the same Branch each wrote
arguing the case for their own pet view, I could understand if the
Committee felt peeved. So, I suggest that it's *better* to first
discuss the matter with others in the Branch or Group, to get their
views or support.

An alternative would be to consult the Branch's Representative, but I
think that most matters would in any case have to be referred to the
relevant Committee.

How does that sound?

Irene van Maarseveen

Pretoria, South Africa


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