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Dancing shoes

Message 5417 · kerstin kuhn · 5 Nov 1996 01:03:01 · Top

Our new beginners class has just started - we have eighteen enthusiastic beginners, many of whom want to buy
shoes. Our group favours the dancing ghillies, and we used to buy them from Senior / St. Andrews. Unfortunately,
he doesn´t have dancing ghillies with 3/4 soles (ballet style soles) any longer. Can anybody help? Where do you
all get your dancing ghillies?

Thank you very much, those of you who gave me some excellent tips concerning dancing music. I bought some
CDs now and I´m looking forward to using them for the first time tomorrow!

Kerstin Kuhn
Proitzer Mühle
29465 Schnega

Dancing shoes

Message 5429 · Sandra Rosenau · 5 Nov 1996 17:10:49 · Top

I have the information for Angel Dancewear in Canada. I will post the
information tomorrow. Note that if the teacher does the orderfor the
class, you can get school prices. The the school discount about covers
the cost of shipping. Delivery on orders takes about 3 weeks. They
carry 4 types of ghillies, including one that is a 3/4 sole. All are
manufactured on a straight last.

--Sandra Rosenau, Dayton, Ohio USA

Dancing shoes

Message 5460 · Sandra Rosenau · 7 Nov 1996 17:57:39 · Top

Regarding the Angel Dance Wear shoes, here's the scoop. I've just
ordered from them so this is current information November 1996.

Angel Dance Wear Inc Telephone: (416) 398-4700
Sheppard Mews
3910 Chesswood Dr., Unit 3892
Downsview, Ont. M3J 2W6 Canada

They have 4 offerings, no princess pumps. Prices below are US dollars,
school prices.

#404 Full-sole ghillies: Womens $26.95 Mens 28.95
#604 Ghillies with 3/4-sole: $22.95
#408 Ghillies, 3/4 sole, with leather loops instead of eyelets: $27.50
#406 One piece Highland-style ghillies, all glove leather: Womens $26.95
Mens 28.95

Teachers can get "school" prices, which I was told is about a 10%
discount, it's enough to pay for shipping. Shipping to the US takes about
3 weeks.

All of these shoes are manufactured on a straight last, ie, no difference
between left and right foot, you break it in to the shape needed. #404 is
basically the same as James Sr's "Jimmy's Fancy" model, except I think
Jimmy's Fancy has a left and right shoe (?). They all have the seam up
the toe.

Angel sizing runs about 1 to 1-1/2 sizes smaller than your normal
American street shoe size. They do have widths, a (narrow), b, and c
(wide). When I've sent footprints for women, the results have been
unsuccessful, the shoes come oversized. I wear street size 7 1/2, but
can fit Angel's 5-1/2 or 6 comfortably (in stockings, not socks). Men's
footprints were more successful.

Just informing!
--Sandra Rosenau, Dayton, Ohio, USA--

Dancing shoes

Message 5461 · Sandra Rosenau · 7 Nov 1996 17:57:54 · Top

Oops! My eye just fell on another part of the Angel Dance Wear Catalog.
They do have dancing pumps:

#405 "Modern Ballet": full sole dancing pumps like the James Sr.
Princess Pump.

#202 "Special Pleated Ballet" 3/4 sole ballet slippers.

--Sandra Rosenau, Dayton, Ohio, USA--

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