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Dance Programme for Caribbean Cruise

Message 5354 · Tony Andras · 28 Oct 1996 19:26:27 · Top

We are organizing the dance programme for the Jan 18-25 West Caribbean
Cruise on the Sun Princess.

Here is a card from which we will pick as required and requested:


Blooms of Bon Accord Hooper's Jig Wind on Loch Fyne
Rest & Be Thankful The Luckenbooth Brooch Miss Milligan's
A Trip To Bavaria Seton's Ceilidh Band Strathspey
Reel of the Royal Scots Follow Me Home Garry Strathspey
Round Reel of Eight Spiffin The Silver Tassie
Montgomerie's Rant Machine Without Horses Fair Donald
Shiftin' Bobbins Jubilee Jig MacDonald of Isles
Deil Amang the Tailors White Heather Jig Neidpath Castle
Reel of the 51st Div. Posties Jig Sugar Candie
Flowers of Edinburgh Wild Geese Glasgow
Hghlnders Australian Ladies Mrs Stewart's Jig Miss
Gibson's S.
White Cockade Ian Powrie's Farewell Dalkeith's S.

Formations we would like to cover and the dances containing them include:

Cloverleaf 1/2 reels of 4 White Rose of Scotland Mairi's Wedding
1/2 Tandem reels of 3 Built for Two Pelorus Jack
Crossover reels of 3 Bridge over the Atlantic Maxwell's Rant
Diagonal right & lefts Tipsy Irish Rover
Intersecting reels of 4 A Reel Nightmare Angus MacLeod

Ceilidh Dances we would like to intersperse are:

Boston Two-Step, Eva 3-Step, Latchfor Schottische, Canadian Barn Dance, Gay
Gordons, Military 2-Step, Swedish Masquerade, Esperano Barn Danc, St.
Bernard's Waltz, Waltz Country Dance.

There is also a passenger talent night (final evening), where we will have
an opportunity to work up two or more demonstration pieces to perform to the
entire ship's company.

If this programme encourages anyone to jump aboard, E Mail me or call Sandra
Keeso-Hall at 1-800-268-4002. Best sale date: before the end of the month.


Tony Andras

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