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Message 5260 · Ian Brockbank, OpenVMS Engineering · 21 Oct 1996 12:41:29 · Top

Terry <> writes:

> Marjorie:
> >>I would agree with Ian that holding one's position in the set and
> >>is an unambiguous indication that an encore is desirable. Thunderous
> >>applause while you walk off also seem certain to indicate approval of
> >>music but not a repeat of the dance.
> But that means that I have to walk away if I don't want an encore. I
> like to hang in the set for a minute *after* the applause, thanking my
> partner and the rest of the set.

It doesn't need to be that extreme. Huddling round thanking all the other
dancers in the set is considered (or at least I consider) just as much a
sign of dis-interest in an encore as leaving the floor, and is both more
sociable (as you point out) and safer if you happen to be in the minority
and an encore does get called - it's not so far to return from. I never
leave the floor until I am certain an encore isn't going to happen, but if
I don't want one I make a point of meeting my partner somewhere
approximating the middle of the set, and applauding the band from there.

The indicating factor is whether the dancers are formed into sets or
whether they are just huddled/scattered randomly about the floor.

And BTW this is the accepted practice around here (Scottish universities
circuit/Dunedin Dancers).


Edinburgh, Scotland

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