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Found Attachmens

Message 5036 · Murray & Deanne Corps · 2 Oct 1996 12:20:43 · Top

Well, please accept my sincerest appologies. I gave eveyone
the message that I did not think the tone of the discussion
was progressing well, and bless me, it would seem that I in
turn sent everyone an attachment, that was complete

I am very sorry about this, and sincerely thank those
people who quitley let me know the mistake that I had made.

For those that are interested, I think I have found the
problem, well, on my Computer anyway.

I use the Microsoft Exchange INBOX that comes complete when
you buy MS Windows '95. Since I have learned the error of
my ways, I went looking for another programme. I am now
using Microsoft Internet Mail which I was able to down load
from my host ISP. This is a much better programme and seems
to be more user friendly. I would be happy to send anyone a
copy should you request one. Maybe directly to my Me rather
than via. Strathspey.

Anyhow, back to the problem, it would seem that the default
for both these programmes is that they are sent in MIME
language. It is the MIME which I feel is causing the
problems. I have now set both systems to off and seem to
have fixed the problem.

If anyone would like a copy of Internet Mail, please let me
know. It is easy to use, friendly, self setup, able to
import from the old INBOX so the addresses do not have to
be re-keyed.

Once again, to all my great SCDancing friends, I extend to
you my sincerest appologies and thanks.

Best Regards


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Wanganui, New Zealand

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