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Music will tell you . . ., jetee (formerly Ladies Chain, Jetee)

Message 39405 · Miriam L. Mueller · 30 Sep 2004 19:22:07 · Top

I'd always assumed that "The music will tell you what to do"
started as irony or sarcasm by an English Country dancer. For those
unfamiliar with English Country dance, the tune and dance are a unit, and
the same tune is almost always played for each repetition (with lovely
opportunities for variations). People who use the phrase seriously may
not have thought about what it means, may be repeating what they assume
is experienced-dancer wisdom, or may feel that the rhythm and spirit of
the music will be sufficient reminder. But it's far cry from the
original, where the turn of musical phrase becomes associated with
kinetic memory.

As an aside, similar verbal & social factors are at work at one of
my pet irritations: "The exception proves the rule" cited as
justification for a rule that has just been shown not to apply
universally. It shows the human reluctance to give up a settled idea for
facts, and the equally human trait of rejecting the work of logic and
thinking about what one is saying for the ease of repeating some familiar
Logically and factually, that meaning makes no sense. It probably
resulted from the changing use of the word "prove", which in this phrase
was obviously employed in its old sense of "test". A few examples of the
old usage persist. For Americans, a military Proving Ground is a weapons
testing area, and there is no confusion about that meaning. In cooking,
one still "proofs" yeast, mixing it with warm water and a pinch of sugar
to confirm its activity.

Ah - words. And I've been waiting for someone to say that,
whatever its origin, the term jetee in SCD has a specific meaning - if
you will, jargon, a technical term in that area. Its origin may be
informative but doesn't change its current meaning.

Apologies for wandering off SCD for so long.
Miriam Mueller - San Francisco

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 09:52:59 +0200 Martin <>
> Richard wrote:
> I sometimes wonder why we bother to have music, since some
> authorities seem
> to insist on our ignoring it. Are these also the people that say
> "The music
> will tell you" ?
> Martin,
> in Grenoble, France.

Music will tell you . . ., jetee (formerly Ladies Chain, Jetee)

Message 39415 · Richard Goss · 1 Oct 2004 10:55:25 · Top

I think you have solved the problem, there is ballet jargon and there is RSCDS jargon. There is no reason why they have to be the same.

Examples of RSCDS jargon unknown the the world at large ...
pas de basque
skip change of step
balance (sort of)
reel (sort of as its original meaning as different from a hey, is seen in Reel of Tulloch as choreography, and a name as in Reel of the 51st, than as opposed to a jig.

All of the above have a unique meaning in SCD without reference to anyone else´s use of the words.

There are other words, but a little esoteric.
Here in Spain a "rondel[l]" is what the UK calls a roundabout, and the Americans a traffic circle.
A tournee in France is simply the past participal of the verb "to turn".
Haynes "targe" in my village in Spain, is that plastic thing you put in the ATM when you want cash.

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