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AGM (was Dumb questions)

Message 36629 · Jim Healy · 30 Sep 2003 01:00:35 · Top


As George Meikle has spilled the beans that the Lothian Band is not playing
for the AGM dances this year, I suppose it would be useful if I told you who
is playing for them:

Friday, 31 October Ball - Neil Copland

Saturday, 1 November Dance - David Cunningham.

As the Society has now taken over responsibility for organising the AGM
directly, suggested programmes were requested from TAC for the Ball and
London Branch for the Dance. Surprisingly with all the dances there are to
choose from, the original suggestions had two dances duplicated. The final
TAC programme has a couple of dances that are less familiar on this side of
the 'Pond' including Bobby Brown's Canadian Breakdown as their tribute to
the man himself.

Jim Healy
Perth. Scotland#

ps George, not the AGM but I do need to talk to you about the Summer Dancing
in Perth next year. I will be in touch.

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AGM (was Dumb questions)

Message 36637 · Jim Healy · 1 Oct 2003 15:48:28 · Top


Anselm writes:

>Answer (a) would be very deplorable and
>(b) would AFAIK mark the beginning of a new era.

The answer's actually c).

It is not unusual to have, at least, one non-Society Dance on the AGM
programmes. I remember doing Mairi's Wedding somewhere one time (passing by
the shoulder agreed with partner). Last time in Perth (2001), it was John
Drewry's Cherrybank Gardens which Perth & Perthshire Branch chose for its
local links. With the change to further-flung selection committees, this is
just continuing but the selections are also wider flung. TAC have been
slightly more radical than hitherto in that their programme includes three
non-society dances: Blooms of Bon Accord; BBCB and The St John River (plus,
arguably, The Mason's Apron from The Border Book) and London have included
one, The Westminster Reel from one of the London Jubillee Books

Not a new era, Anselm, just evidence of continuing evolution and cetainly no
thunderbolts 8o)>

Jim Healy
Perth, Scotland

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AGM (was Dumb questions)

Message 36650 · Chris1Ronald · 1 Oct 2003 22:49:15 · Top

Hello Anselm,

I don't know if my computer is playing up, but I can't find your message that
Jim is replying to.

Could you help fill in the gap?



> Greetings!
> Anselm writes:
> >Answer (a) would be very deplorable and
> >(b) would AFAIK mark the beginning of a new era.

AGM (was Dumb questions)

Message 36651 · Jim Healy · 1 Oct 2003 23:45:14 · Top


Your computer is not playing up. I am dumb! I have hotmail set to filter
messages from to a separate folder. Anselm's message came
from his strathspey address and I didn't notice that it was not to/from the
list but personal and I replied to the list anyway. I found Anselm's message
amusing (as so often) but it is his call whether to send the full text to
the list. Oh! Dear! Another address thing to look out for - regrets for any

Jim Healy
Perth, Scotland

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