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Dance Organiser

Message 35660 · Patricia Ruggiero · 28 Jun 2003 03:33:52 · Top

This, forwarded from the ECD list, with permission. If anyone is interested
in this software, you may contact Colin Hume directly at --

In addition, if anyone is using some other program and would care to pass on
suggestions and comments to him, Colin would welcome same.

I have no financial interest in this product.


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In my spare time when not writing and calling dances I'm a computer
The two sides have come together in a computer program I have written for
organising my dances, and I would like to know whether other callers might
interested in buying a copy of the program, which runs on Windows 95

The main screen shows one of three tabs: Dances, Events and Rules.

"Dances" contains all the dances in your repertoire: Title, Format, Style,
of difficulty, Author, Collection, Music and so on. The main area of this
screen contains the actual dance instructions. You can add, delete and
dances as you wish.

"Events" contains all your events (past and future): Group, Event type,
Time, Band, Venue, Town, Fee and Contact information. The main area of this
screen contains the programme for the event. It is very easy to add dances
the list just by typing the first few letters, remove them from the list and
reorder them within the list.

"Rules" allows you to specify a set of rules for each event type and then
your event against the rule.

After the event you go back to the program, update it to reflect what you
actually called, add any Notes (such as "Don't call there again") and save
final version, at which point the counts for the dances are updated.

I have been using (and improving) this program for over a year and find it
useful. I will need to do a fair amount of work on it before I can release
to other callers - context-sensitive help, an installation routine and
things which I understand but which might baffle other people. So I need an
idea of how many people might be interested in using it. I'm planning to
it for 50 pounds GB (about $80 US) and I will be open to suggestions for
improvements from registered users, particularly if several people make the
request. Please email me if you are interested, and tell others to do the
if I get a good response I'll prepare to release it to the world!

You can find a fuller description of the program on my web site.

Colin Hume

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