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Message 35652 · Anselm Lingnau · 27 Jun 2003 01:29:27 · Top

Pam Frost <> writes:

> Does anyone know if Scottish dancing is in any way linked to Morris
> dancing and/or to fertility rites?

The general consensus seems to be »no«, i.e., no relation to Morris or
fertility rites. Check, e.g., Hugh Thurston's »Scotland's Dances« or
G. S. Emmerson's »Social History«.

It turns out that Scottish dancing, at least country dancing, isn't
*that* old to begin with. Its first hey-day in Scotland was during
the 18th century among the well-to-do city folks from the Lowlands,
who brought the pastime to Scotland from stylish places like Bath.
These people as a rule would not have gone for »fertility rites« in
a big way.

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