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Message 31405 · GOSS9 · 7 Jul 2002 01:09:41 · Top

Who says dancing has anything to do with feet? In many
cultures, dances are done sitting down. What makes
country dancing dancing is completing the figures in
time with the music, not our method of locomotion.

If there are leagues that play soccer and basketball
in wheel chairs, why not wheelchair demteams for those
who can no longer walk?

Some old timers might welcome the Miss Ross, "tea
lady" at St Adnrews". To some people the only complete
sentences she uttered were comments on TV shows off
the old dining room. Usually she was presiding over
the adjacent kitchen or tea urn with a cigarette
adhering to her lower lip, defying gravity.

Once, I saw her actually dancing in Younger Hall. She
was wearing a floor length dress so no one could tell
what steps she was executing, she might have had
roller skates or a skateboard for all we knew.
<<BUT>>, if you only looked at her face and upper
body, you could tell that she was dancing. Her
phrasing was perfect and she interacted with each
partner and member of her set. Since most of her
coffee room utterances were monosylabic barks, one
might of her as speaking a foreign language. But on
the dance floor she communicated better than most

Aside: I have an overnight layover in London between
noon 19 July [Friday] until noon 20 [Sunday]. If any
have any info regarding a late afternoon or evening
dance or class, I would appreciate the info via the
net or my hotel [Le Mariddian Excelcior, Heathrow] for
the night.

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