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Happy Easter / Springtime happenings

Message 30122 · Volleyballjerry · 25 Mar 2002 17:11:03 · Top

It's pleasant to read that flowers are emerging elsewhere in the Northern
Hemisphere, even if not quite yet in Vermont (not even the crocuses?).

One sometimes thinks of Southern California as being relatively
"season-less." But this is a wonderful time here when the season change is
both apparent and beautiful. Though we have many broadleaf evergreen trees
(native [coast live] oaks--Quercus Agrifolia--as well as many types of
imports from elsewhere in the world), we also have many deciduous trees
(native [valley] oaks--Quercus Lobata--and many imports like Sweet Gum
[Liquidambar], cottonwoods and other Populus types, Siberian elms, and
countless others just now emerging with leaves, others bursting with
bloom--flowering peach, plum, pear, redbud, et. al., and the flowering
shrubbery--Indian Hawthorne, Azaleas, et. al., not to mention the bulbs,
perennials, and annuals. Sooner or later the whole world experiences some
variation of the same; wishing everyone (even if it's a six-month wait now in
the Southern Hemisphere) much enjoyment observing this annual treat!

Robb Quint
Thousand Oaks (we actually have several thousand carefully preserved and
protected within the city limits), CA, USA

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