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Romantic Dances

Message 29594 · Denise Babin · 12 Feb 2002 18:06:42 · Top

Pelorus Jack is extremely flirty for the first couple--even if you DON'T
dance all the reels face to face. There are all those turns of corner when
you get a last fleeting glance at your partner as you go by. Ha! Ha! The
Wooin' o' it! has some nice moments, as well.

I think Mairi's Wedding is at its most flirtatious if first couple passes
left shoulders in the middle without twiddling. You get just the right
amound of eye contact that way.

To me, the figures that are most fliratious in quick time are figures of
eight (if you phrase them just right), leading down the middle and up,
crossing (that look of farewell again), poussette, and anything with those
"in and out the window" mirror figures of eight. The more you part from and
rejoin your partner, the flirtier the dance. I find double triangles
flirtatious myself, but I realize it's not really proper to dance them with
your shoulders actually touching your partner's. ;)

I'll try to look up Milwaukee's last Halloween dance program when I get
home. We tried our best to make it a non-stop flirt-fest.

Denise Babin
Milwaukee, WI (US)

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