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Further to VIRUS CHECK (Much Egg on Face)

Message 29500 · John Bell · 4 Feb 2002 01:53:59 · Top

By now you will probably have been made aware that the VIRUS CHECK I advised
of yesterday was a hoax. I have been advised by several of you and by the
guy who initially told me. (My letter was a forwarding of his).
Like me many of you were caught out and deleted Some of you say you have
been caught out previously. Please accept my sincere apologies for any
inconvinience you may have experienced. I acted in good faith and so far all
the mails back to me on this subject have been in good grace. Thank you for
that. Ray Brown has offered to advise on how to recover from this if you
have deleted. You should all have received his E-Mail and address by now. If
not then please contact me.
John (Cairns)

Further to VIRUS CHECK

Message 29541 · Bryan McAlister · 7 Feb 2002 21:39:13 · Top

Rules to follow..
When you get a message such as this DELETE IT immediately
If you think you have a virus get it sorted, don't spread it around.
If you don't have current AV software you shouldn't be sending emails!

I have twice within the past month been the unwilling recipient of
hundreds of emails from unknown parties as a result of someone's email
address book getting corrupted. It is a real pain writing filters to get
them rejected and AV software only protects against the virus not
against the spam that may result from an infection elsewhere.

Just think..somewhere in the system there are hundred's, thousands,
maybe millions even of rejected, unwanted emails where do they all go?

Bryan McAlister B Arch RIBA ARIAS
Web page
Mobile phone 07801 793849
FAX number - 0870 052 7625

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