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ADMINIS-NONTRIVIA: Flag day for Strathspey list move

Message 25754 · Anselm Lingnau · 22 Apr 2001 15:07:52 · Top

Dear Strathspey subscribers:

Today is the day you've all been waiting for: The Strathspey list moves
from the University of Frankfurt to its new shiny home at
the server I'm operating together with a few other folks. Within the
hour I'll be sending out a test message via the new system, to which I
will have taken across all current subscribers, so if you receive that
message then all has gone well. This is the final message that will be
transmitted over the old setup; any material submitted after this one
will bounce back to the senders, and request messages will be ignored.
This is just so I don't have to play catch-up with all of you guys.

After the move, the current `' addresses
will continue to be operational for a while, but you may as well get
used to the new style of list administration, which works like this:

Submissions go to
Subscription requests go to
Unsubscription requests to
Digest subscr. requests to
Digest unsubscr. requests to strathspey-digest-unsubscribe@strathspey.=

(I'll be sending out a final digest from the old site containing all =

the material that hasn't been sent out by the time the move occurs. =

There may be some confusion with the new digests but I hope not.)

Unfortunately the message archive retrieval code isn't quite ready on
the new site. I will continue archiving all new postings, of course, =

so nothing will be lost, but it may be a while until the new Web site
accesses the archive on the new server. In the meantime I will continue =

archive service from the old Strathspey Server, with appropriate links =

from the new site.

I'm doing this today so I can keep an eye on it over the next few days =

before I go to Vienna for a week (this is just so you know why you =

don't get anything if the new setup decides to go south after I board =

the train to Austria Thursday noon). To those of you that will be there =

too, I'm looking forward to meeting you (again), and keep your fingers =

crossed that the dark rings around my eyes won't show too badly ...

-- =

Anselm Lingnau (Frankfurt, Germany), Strathspey SCD mailing list maintain=
Mailing list: (send `Subject: help' for=
SCD info on the WWW:

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