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no examiner debriefing for teacher candidates?

Message 25416 · harvey · 27 Mar 2001 00:06:11 · Top

I understand that in the most recent packet of info to the branch
secretaries, there is a note about a proposal by the examiner's
committee (teaching committee?) to eliminate the ten minute
conversation between examiner and candidate after the exam.

First, have I got the details straight? Does anyone have the paper in
front of them?

Next: if anyone from the Exec is listening, *please* disregard the
recommendation of the proposing committee and allow the debriefings to

The prelim and full exams are already fairly horrid experiences,
especially with the delay before we receive the results. This brief
conversation is an opportunity for the RSCDS to put a human stamp onto
an otherwise cold and heartless proceeding.

When I think back to my exam experience, if the society had told me
that after my year of hard preparation I was to be tested by someone
who couldn't be bothered to discuss my performance for ten minutes, I
would have been outraged. And I am shocked now that this is even under
consideration. The society needs to find ways to become *closer* to
its members, even if it costs a little more.

I don't know how it is in Scotland and elsewhere, but in the U.S. the
ten minute debriefing is the only official contact with the society
that most dancers have in their long careers. I know that not every
examiner has the patience and skill to make those ten minutes special,
but every examiner must have the ability to make those ten minutes
informative and courteous.

The words of the two examiners who debriefed me are engraved on my
brain, and form an important part of my certification
experience. Please, Exec, maintain the debriefings after examination.

And please, everyone else, bug whomever you know to write in support
of the debriefings.

Terry Harvey

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