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Message 21691 · James R. Ferguson · 27 Jun 2000 19:41:26 · Top


In Columbus, OH, we have an active SCD group and a very active Highland Dance
group. We work together very well, doing demos at the same events. In fact, at
one large International Festival, we shared the same hour time slot with them,
interspersing our dances and theirs. Gave them time to catch their breath. Some
of the Highland Dancers have been in our SCD classes. We've done bake sales and
other fund raisers side by side at festivals, and we both use one place for
dancing, sharing the cost, although we get there just as they are leaving. They
even ordered SCD pins in gold and in pewter, knowing we would be interested in
buying some. In turn, a lot of us are seen wearing the t-shirts they ordered for
their group. I have never seen any attitudes on either side, except friendly
ones. At places where we are both involved, they watch our demos, and we watch
theirs, as well as being on hand to give support when they're competing. It
works for us, very well.

> >>>I meant especially that Highland dancers turn up their noses at country
> dancing (I don't personally know any "ceilidh dancers" or "Reelers").
> Competition Highland being more like a sport now than a dance form, they
> don't, as far as I can tell, understand the enjoyment that we can get from
> doing something even as limitedly regimented as SCD. I have seen crossovers,
> but they have gone from SCD to Highland. When I am in conversation with a
> Highland dancer and let it drop that I do SCD, his (or, more usually, her)
> nostrils flare and he gets that "Oh! How quaint!" expression. I suppose it
> seems to them, for lack of a better term, "common." I want to start
> Highland--I'm not saying that all Highland dancers are snobs, or even that
> any are. If there are any Highland dancers out there, I don't mean to
> offend. But I think if we could push SCD on the Highland schools as
> something in which they could have fun and show off their technique, we might
> have some success with the kids and teen-agers there.
> Regards,
> Eleanor Mulhern
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