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Intense eye contact

Message 21610 · Darla Granberry · 22 Jun 2000 23:43:57 · Top

Carleta McCain from the Delaware Valley Branch gave a workshop here in
Lubbock last year and one of the things she made a point of is that
most frequently it is the intense eye contact that is perceived as a
threat. Some enjoy it, some are uncomfortable, some are not aware that
that is the impression that they are giving. We had one gentleman that
was a good dancer except when he danced his eyes went big, round and
intense. I don't think he every realized how he looked. We try to
emphasize the happy spirit and joy of dancing. You con be connected
without making direct eye contact and with sme people may need to
develop the ability to follow the chin or eyebrow. We also encourage
our teen class when dancing with strangers to remember that this is
social, never lasts longer than eight minutes and is never done one on
one. Stay with the group, stay in the light. Good sense in todays

By the way, my 22 yr old daughter started with our adult group at 5, my
9 year old daughter, also an excellent dancer,also started at 5. My son
( now 16) started at 14. Sometimes I needed them to complete a 6 or 8
person set. We also have a teen class that meets during the day and
they begged me to continue during the summer, which we are doing.
Their energy is very exciting and they are probably me favorite class.

Now if this strange internetserver will only send this to the SS.

Thanks gang, Darla Granberry, Lubbock, TX
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