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ISCDS 2001

Message 21542 · James R. Ferguson · 20 Jun 2000 18:06:42 · Top

Hi Folks,
Just had to reply to this posting. Jim and I attended the last school in
Halifax several years ago, and we had an absolutely wonderful time. We will
definitely be heading back there next year, and from the sounds of it,
several of our Columbus, OH dancers want to go with us. Guess we talked it
up a lot!
Going to Cape Breton afterward for the Broad Cove Concert, the local square
dances, and wonderful music, make the extra "vacation" days an added bonus.
Hope to see lots of you there.

Lydia Hedge wrote:

> Hi All,
> I thought it was too early for this notice, but I am receiving inquiries
> from all over the globe, so here goes.
> The International Scottish Country Dance School
> Halifax, Nova Scotia
> Will take place July 25-29. 2001 (Note - not this year)

ISCDS 2001

Message 21571 · John P. McClure · 22 Jun 2000 00:31:22 · Top

For those thinking of attending ISCDS 2001, and wanting to plan a bit more
vacation around it, please be aware of the Boxwood School of the Wooden
Flute, directed by Chris Norman, which will take place in Lunenburg (just
down the shore from Halifax) the same week as ISCDS. Details of the 2001
school will not be available yet, I think, but based on recent experience,
it is possible that there would be an opening concert on the Sunday before
ISCDS that would be very attractive to people interested in traditional
music and music played on traditional instruments (flutes, of course, but
there are often other instruments as well; e.g., Ronn McFarlane attended
last year). There may also be a ceilidh/dance on the Monday or the
Tuesday before ISCDS that would be open to the public. So, if thinking
about things to do in connection with ISCDS, keep Boxwood in mind. Their
website is

Best wishes,

Peter McClure
Winnipeg, MB

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