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ISCDS 2001

Message 21540 · Lydia Hedge · 20 Jun 2000 15:58:15 · Top

Hi All,

I thought it was too early for this notice, but I am receiving inquiries
from all over the globe, so here goes.

The International Scottish Country Dance School

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Will take place July 25-29. 2001 (Note - not this year)

We are expecting to have a wonderful school this time - as usual.
Our staff is outstanding and the venue is perfect.

Marjorie McLaughlin San Diego, CA
Peter McClure Winnipeg, MB
Sue Libby Moncton, NB

Muriel Johnstone Allanton, Scotland
Elma Grech Toronto, ON
Jim Aulenbach Lunenburg, NS
Duncan Keppie and The Macadians NS

There will be three levels of class: Advanced, Intermediate and
Basic. Both technique and Social classes. Plus several special
classes - such as English Country Dance and a Music class.

We hope some people will want to stay on and head up to Cape
Breton for some of the summer music that is so popular there.
Sunday afternoon is the Broad Cove Concert (for one). The Gaelic
College and the Ceilidh Trail School are other options.

Registrations are already coming in!!

So, please take a look at our Web Page:

The contents of the Flyer are there. However, my limited skills on
web page design mean that you might prefer to have an actual
paper flyer. I also have the flyer as an MS Word file. If you write to
me (, I will add you to the mailing
list, send you a paper flyer and/or send you the Word file.

(If some kind soul would (privately) tell me how to put the Word file
out there for downloading, I would gladly do that, too.)

Hoping to see you next July!!


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