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New Scotland Dance

Message 21459 · Ian Brockbank · 7 Jun 2000 17:10:24 · Top

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Subject: New Scotland Dance

Hi everyone,

In case you haven't heard the news - New Scotland is having a dance
later this term! Why? Because the band volunteered and it seemed
like a good idea. So we've put together a programme of some of our
favourite dances, scheduled things for after exams, and are looking to
have a really fun night.

Here's the details: The date is Friday 16 June, (Friday of week
9 for Edinburgh students), time: 7.30pm to 12.00 midnight. It's in
St. Peter's Church Hall on Lutton Place (the hall where we had the
Beginner's Dance). Colin MacLennan and his SCD band are providing the
music. The tentative programme is at the end of this email - the band
may have some minor changes, but it should be pretty close to what
I've got here. Dress is completely informal - kilts and skirts are
nice but jeans and trainers are fine too - wear whatever you like.
We'll have coffee, tea, and juice. Bring your own snacks, or there's
plenty of takeaway shops around the corner. And the final bit of
information - cost. Tickets are only 3 pounds, see me at social or
buy them on the door.

I think that's all of the relevent information. Send me an email if
you have any questions. Hope to see lots of you there!




The Wee Bus 8x32R Golden Thistle
Catch The Wind 8x32H Island Bay
The Wind on Loch Fyne 3x32S /\ Dunedin 1
Follow Me Home 8x32J Book 38
The Iona Cross 96S+96R [] Whetherley 17
Nighean Donn 5x32R Dunedin 2
The Silver City 8x32S Drewry
Ian Powrie's ... 128J [] Hamilton
Mairi's Wedding 8x40R Cosh


Flowers of Edinburgh 8x32R Book 1
Bees of Maggieknockater 4x32J Drewry
Alison Rose 4x32S Imperial 2
Highland Rambler 8x40R Leeds SJ
The Wild Geese 8x32J Book 24
Schiehallion 64S+64R [] Thurston
Reel of the 51st 8x32R Book 13
The Gentleman 8x32S Book 35
Postie's Jig 4x32J Ormskirk 5
The Black Mountain Reel 5x32R Haynes

Duke of Perth 8x32R Book 1
Shiftin' Bobbins 8x32R Ormskirk 6
Strip the Willow 8x40J Book 1

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