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New Red Thistle Release

Message 21286 · Alan Twhigg · 18 May 2000 21:28:31 · Top

I am pleased to announce that the long-awaited second video release from the Red Thistle Dancers is now available.

The new video is *not* a direct follow-on to our previous teaching video: this one focuses on performance dancing at a variety of levels, and is accompanied by a dance booklet and CD. The idea was to provide a tool for teachers and groups who have been asked to present Scottish Country dancing in a public setting, and who would like some ideas and techniques for improving the "audience appeal". (We hope it also provides visual and listening enjoyment, whether or not one plans to make use of the material!)

The CD includes 12 tracks that parallel the performances on the video, plus 3 "listening" tracks. The intent here was to provide performance-quality music that groups could use, either to try out material from the video or adapt their own choreographies. Most of the music is arranged in medleys of various combinations. The dance musicians include John Taylor, Andy Imbrie, Susan Worland Bentley, Lyle Ramshaw, Michael Bentley, Stuart Taylor, Rod Stradling, Caroline Wright, and Howard Mitchell.

"Performance Dancing with the Red Thistle Dancers" is initially available only as a package (video + booklet + CD) for U.S. $35.00. To order, send a check or money order to:

Zaza Wu
2 Lilac Drive
Atherton, CA 94027

Please send U.S. currency only, and specify PAL or North American video format. TAC will shortly be offering this item as well, which will make it easier for orders outwith the U.S.

For further details, please contact me or Zaza (

thanks, Alan Twhigg.

New Red Thistle Release

Message 21317 · Alan Twhigg · 22 May 2000 21:02:51 · Top

I need to make a slight correction to the announcement of last week about the new video package. I've been informed that the $35.00 price covers the package itself, but shipping is extra. It generally costs $3.50 to ship one order anywhere within the U.S., but best to check with Zaza ( for exact information. (Prices are in U.S. dollars.)

Thank you for your indulgence,


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