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Message 19110 · James R. Ferguson · 28 Oct 1999 09:32:03 · Top

Tom wrote about the nice, hospitable people he and Heather met and the nice
time they had in two different places. I thought I'd add a comment or two
about another group of lovely, warm folks who ensured that I had a good time
at their dance.
My husband, our dance teacher, and I went to an evening of dancing recently in
Elyria, OH. As it turned out, I was having foot problems at the last minute,
and couldn't really do much in the way of dancing. Everyone was so
thoughtful. People who weren't dancing in some particular dance would stop,
sit down, and spend a few minutes talking to me. When they found I could walk
a dance, they encouraged me to fill in when a fourth couple was needed, and a
couple of times they just said to come and join the dance, walking if I needed
to do so.
There were a couple of other "walking wounded" there that night, and the same
courtesy was extended to them. I was made to feel a real part of the group
and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Hats off to the great folks in Elyria. We
can't wait to join them at some other time, and hopefully, I can take a more
active part.

Tom Chisholm wrote:

> Lois & Cece wrote:
> >Tom and Heather -- It was so nice to have you dance with us last Sunday!
> >Hope you made it back ok. And, hope we dance together again sometime!!
> Very many thanks for your hospitality - we really enjoyed dancing with you
> and we too hope we can meet up on the dance floor again. Best wishes for
> your Halloween Ball.
> We also had a nice evening with the group in Great Barrington, MA - aren't
> Scottish Dancers nice, hospitable people!
> Tom & Heather
> --
> Tom Chisholm <>

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