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Objective tests to determine dancing ability - reply

Message 18980 · Pia Walker · 22 Oct 1999 11:58:47 · Top

Hi there all
Back again after 3 weeks of interpreting at a court case - I have lost 4
kg's by talking !!!!!!!!!!

I tried to look down the list and put myself in a department - I'm totally
confused - who am I - what am I - where am I - how bad am I???????

It goes thus:

>Scottish dancing is social dancing.

Definitely - I can agree
>Beginner: Can get self through dance most of the time. Really needs good,
>helpful partner. Should stay out of dances in which partner is not in a
>place to help.

I still do / need all this

Technique: Looks at feet. -
No - have not got feet fetish.

>Intermediate: Can get self through dances.
Yes - sometimes.

Helps partner. Occasionally
Yes - usually gets it wrong.

>recognizes that there are other dancers in the set (other than the one
>that he/she is dancing with).

OK - I'm in there.

Technique: Panics frequently.

Yes - definitely.

woman can
>dance on man's side in a few dances.

Have to - I'm 5'73/4

Woman wants man to dance with most
>of the time.

Yes please - but where do we find them?

Either sex: Books dances with partner in whom dancer is

Most people are more confident than I.
>Newly Advanced: Has great footwork and knows it.

If you have danced from the age of 3 - something has rubbed off.

Impatient with dancers
>who don't 'get it' right away.

Leave me out of this one - impatience is wasted energy.

Occasionally dances solo even though in
>four-couple set.

Usually when I am in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Technique: Needs to relax while dancing.

I'm so laid back I fall over :>)

Books entire
>set for challenging dances.

Nobody has accepted yet.

>Experienced Advanced: Looks for beginners if the dance is an easy one.

Yes - but they might get scared away from dancing ever again.

>Laughs when makes mistake, but is in the right within a bar of music.

Of course - you can hide a multitude of sins under a smile - and I can count
to 4 and 8.

>Looks at a dance program and knows all but two or three.


Technique: Has
>been dancing a lonnng time.

Yes - that's me.

Is usually heard complaining aabout feet,
>knees, hips, or back.

That has nothing to do with dancing - it has to do with age.

Fussy about the type of floor for dancing.

Same reply as above - although you take what you can get.

>good footwork when it matters to other dancers (sometimes with a grimace).

I of course use good footwork at all times (except when I have a ball gown
on and nobody can see my feet) :>)

>Been there, done that.

I know that one - if you play it - I'll dance it :>)
>Love to dance.

Totally confused


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