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Argyle XVI Dance Weekend

Message 18851 · John K. Andrews · 7 Oct 1999 00:12:45 · Top

The Northern Virginia Branch of the RSCDS invites you to our annual Argyle
Dance Weekend, November 5th through 7th. The Welcome Dance and classes will be
held at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 5533 N. 16th St., Arlington, VA. The Ball
will be held at St. Agnes Lower School, 400 Fontaine St., Alexandria, VA.

Argyle XVI promises to be a great weekend with the teaching of Andrew Smith and
Cecily Selling and the wonderful music of the Findhorn Trio (Steve Hickman,
Fiddle; Marty Taylor, Flute; and Liz Donaldson, Piano) and Earl Gaddis for the
Welcome Dance; and Terpsichore (Elke Baker, Fiddle, and Liz Donaldson, Piano)
with Ralph Gordon on Bass and Earl Gaddis for the Ball. Along with classes in
Scottish Country Dancing at the Basic and Intermediate/ Advanced levels, two
specialty classes and a ball review will be offered on Saturday afternoon.


Friday, November 5
8:00 p.m. Welcome Dance (Trinity Presbyterian)

Saturday, November 6
(Registration and Classes at Trinity Presbyterian Church)
8:45 a.m. Registration
9:15 a.m. Warm Up
9:30 a.m. First Class
10:50 a.m. Break
11:10 a.m. Second Class
12:30 p.m Lunch
1:30 p.m. Specialty Classes
3:00 p.m. Ball Review
7:30 p.m. Reception (St. Agnes Lower School)
7:55 p.m. Grand March (St. Agnes)
8:00 p.m. Ball (St. Agnes)
11:30 p.m. Afters Party

Sunday, November 7
11:00 a.m. Potluck Brunch


Friday Night Welcome Dance

Light and Airy 32J/3C Bk 4
Maxwell's Rant 32R/3C 5 Bk 18
The Trysting Place 32S/2C Bk 35
Flock of Geese 32J/5C Slip Knot
Huntly Castle 32S/3C Can. Bk
The College Hornpipe 32R/3C Bk 20

Trip to Gatlinburg 32J/3C Tang
Dalkeith's Strathspey 32S/3C Bk 9
Jessie's Hornpipe 32R/3C Bk 8
Monymusk 32S/3C Bk 11
StarryEyed Lassie 32J/3C Bk 23
Sleepy Maggie 32R/3C Bk 11

Saturday Night Ball

Hooper's Jig 32J/3C MMM II
Sea Tangle of Skye 32S/2C Island Clan
Flowers of Edinburgh 32R/3C Bk 1
Joie de Vivre 32J/3C Bk 39
The Silver City 32S/3C Silver City
Davy Knick Knack 32H/3C Glas Assm
Argyll Strathspey 32S/3C Bk 35
Highlandman Kissed 32R/3C Border Bk
His Mother

St. Bernard's Waltz
Mr. Clement's Fancy 32J/3C Drewry
Glasgow Highlanders 32S/2C Bk 2
Clutha (Square Set) 32R/4C Bk 31
Braes of Braedalbane 32S/3C Bk 21
Roaring Jelly 32J/3C Glendarroch
Asilomar Romantic 32S/3C San Fran Bk II
J. B. Milne 32R/3C Foss


NAME: ________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________



PHONE: _______________________________________

I will attend:

_____ Welcome Dance $15*

_____ Saturday Morning Classes** $20

_____ Basic

_____ Intermediate/Advanced

_____ Saturday Ball $20*

_____ Sunday Potluck Brunch Free

_____ Package in Advance $50*

_____ Package after 10-23-99 $55*

_____ Saturday Lunch $ 6
_____ Specialty Classes Each $ 7
_____ Ball Review Free

TOTAL ENCLOSED: $ ____________

Registration may be E-mailed or mailed to:
Northern VA Branch, RSCDS
PO Box 20313
Alexandria, VA 22320

Please Make Checks Payable To: Northern VA Branch, RSCDS

*For beginners (6 months or less of dancing), the package is $35 and the dances
are $10 and $15, respectively.

**The Intermediate/Advanced class is for those who have danced at least 1-1/2
years, know all the basic steps and figures, and can dance a new dance from a
talk-through. The Basic Class is for those with fewer than 1-1/2 years of
dance experience, as well as for those who wish to concentrate on the basics of
steps and formations.


For hospitality or additional information, please contact: Jay Andrews at
703.719.0596 or e-mail <> or Ellie Briscoe at 703.461.7383 or
e-mail <>

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