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A cry for help!

Message 17781 · Bernie Hewitt · 26 Jun 1999 21:03:38 · Top

I am trying to track down information about a wedding in Northern France =
31 Jul 99 where I am supposed to be playing some SCD music. Unfortunate=
I have lost contact with all invloved, due in no small part to a change o=
job and a move to a new address and telehone number.

This all started, I understand, with a posting on this list (before I was=

on it) asking for information on pipers in the area. This message was
posted by "a teacher in France". Frans Ligmans from Eindhoven responed,=

and passed my details to a M. Wallemme who is organising the wedding. He=

telephoned me, and I agreed to get in touch with him nearer the time. Th=
telephone number I have is +33 2 57 62 18 73, which is not allocated to
anyone according to the recorded message you get when you ring it. I
also have an email address:, which my server does
not recognise.

So, the plea for help is this: If "the teacher in France" or anyone else=

who knows anything about this wedding would not mind, will you please pas=
my new details to M Wallemme, and get him to phone or email me. This is
now fairly urgent as I go on holiday at the end of this week, and will no=
be back before mid-July.

New details are:

Bernie Hewitt
62a Groenlaan
3080 Moorsel

Home Phone (+32) (0)2 7681548

Office Phome (+32)(0) 2 7078447

email (on this)

Thanks in advance.

Bernie Hewitt

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