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Childrens Ball San Francisco Branch RSCDS

Message 17753 · George Gates · 23 Jun 1999 09:41:52 · Top

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A article I wrote about our First Childrens Ball, thought you might
enjoy it.

Hip Hip Hooray X's 3.
With hard work by some, Great music by Andy and friends. Tasty treats
done by the Ladies, and hard work by the children the Ball Saturday
afternoon was a success.
With Kathleen McAdam being the MC and at time embarrassing her
daughter, talking through the dances, the children/young adults dressed
up in their finest, it was a sight to behold. With children from
Livermore, Berkeley, Lafayette classes, Sacramento including the White
Heather dancers and perhaps others that I am not aware of. The floor was
filled with the brightest colors and finery of the ladies and the Nine
yards of the best from the mills of Scotland.
As a helper and dance partner filler in, I had a fun time and learned
some important rules. Lower your hands for circle around and setting,
and take allot smaller steps all the time. There where flashes from
cameras, video cameras going all the time and the parents smiling away
as their wee ones where hitting the floor. We had beginner Piper Heath
Burton give us some tunes on his pipes, great job Heath.
The tea and food afterward was exquisite with P&J, Salmon, Egg, Cucumber
sandwiches, Sausage rolls, Home made fruit cake by Jane Ayles,
shortbread by Kathleen M. who had people cooking in her kitchen all
week, plus many more treat, and most of it was gobbled up by all.
The people who helped before and after where a wonder, balloons were
blown up, and then some BLOWN UP, chairs put out, lovely decorations on
the walls and tables. Parents working hard behind the scenes keeping
water coming and the food afterwards. And the clean up, some where
there from 1 to 8pm and had even danced a bit. Talk about dishs, we
used ceramic tea cups with saucers, plates and such so we had a great
crew in the back doing dish's afterwards.
We know that this was the first Children's Ball in CA, we think perhaps
in the USA, since no one has said anything thats what we are claiming.
If you have children who would like to dance there are several classes
for them. Berkeley, Lafayette, Livermore and I think Sacramento. Most
on off for the summer but back on in the fall. Also look for some of
them to be dancing at Dunsmuir Games.
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