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New Dances (URL included this time)

Message 17719 · Martin Mulligan · 19 Jun 1999 03:02:18 · Top


I have uploaded two new dances to my website and I have updated
the instructions to an existing dance.

The new dances are:

The Bervie Braes (40R 4C Sq) written for Noreen MacLennan in
honour of her service to Scottish Country Dancing in St. John's
(Newfoundland) and to celebrate her award of the Society Scroll.
The dance was presented to Noreen at our Soiree '99 Social last

I have had trouble with my drawing software and the diagrams need
more work but I believe that they are adequate for now (i.e. I
have no more time to work on them at present). The missing
number is '3' (I tried everything, believe me, to get that number
to appear - to no avail).

A Trip to the Trossachs (32R 3C). This dance started life as an
exercise for teaching left shouldered reels of three and
metamorphosed into a dance, which I have inscribed to an Aunt who
passed away last year.

The suggested tune is taken from a Scottish Fiddle Orchestra
recording made of their Canadian Tour last year (The CD is titled
Canada-O-Canada, RECD520). "Denise's Tune" is written by John
Mason and appears as the second tune of a set with "Jenny's
Bawbee", " Paddy O'Brien" and "Early in the Morning"

The updated page is "Up the Pond" which has been reformatted and
which contains small changes in the text for consistence with my
other dances and with RSCDS conventions.

My original plan was to get all of my dances on-line at the same
time; I still hope to complete the task by the end of the summer.

My dance pages can be found at

(I knew there was something that I forgot to add the first time!)


Martin E. Mulligan
St. John's (Newfoundland)

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