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Naming of figures

Message 17619 · Trans Vector Technologies, Inc · 11 Jun 1999 13:46:14 · Top

>I agree that tandem reels are another figure, and swap-over reels
>says the same thing to me as it does to you. I don't have a problem
>with "falcon reels", though. It joins the tradition of "Cadgers
>reels", "Gates of Edinburgh reels", "Inveran reels".

[Hot Button #1:] Well, I do have a problem with this so-called tradition.
The names themselves carry no information on how to do the reel. It is only
if you know the dance in question that the name POSSIBLY evokes a
recollection of a particular reel. It is a shorthand, but it is poor
communication. Whether full instructions, cribs or briefing, it is
insufficient to call a reel by its "cute" name. Go ahead and use that name,
but also PLEASE describe the reels fully.

I think I have recently complained about how Drewry used the term Inveran
Reels in the dance description for Jennifers Jig, but instead of describing
the reels, refers the reader to the instructions for Mrs MacPherson of
Inveran [Hot Button #2].

Cheers, Oberdan.

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Naming of figures

Message 17625 · ADVH000 Jodie Hebert · 11 Jun 1999 18:12:56 · Top

Martin, how about "swap-lead reels" instead of "alternating
tandem reels"?

Naming of figures

Message 17636 · Coletta Busse · 12 Jun 1999 03:05:09 · Top

For what it's worth, I like to refer to the reels Martin mentions as Dolphin
reels. Mostly because, to me, the name is descriptive. Having watched
dolphin swim, they often swap places like in the reel. So the name besides
being short and easy to remember, gives a feeling for the movement.
Coletta Busse

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Naming of figures

Message 17661 · Martin.Sheffield · 14 Jun 1999 09:52:30 · Top

If we are voting, I'll go for "falcon reels" (though I'm not against
"dolphin reels", it's just that I leared B Priddzy's dance long before
hearing about B Skelton's).

It's simple and straightforward. If you know the dance/figure, you know
what is being spoken of. If you don't know what this particular movement
involves, there's no name that will tell you, however technically
precise it may be.

in Grenoble, France.

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