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Dancing Shoes

Message 1696 · ReeG · 14 Apr 1995 18:17:20 · Top

When I started dancing I asked my podiatric specialist about shoes. He nixed
both the ballet pumps and ghillies as not providing enough support and
protection. (I have nasty foot and ankle problems.) We settled on jazz
oxfords. They are not as pretty as pumps or traditional as ghillies, but for
people who need more out of a shoe, they are comfortable, flexible and fairly
long lasting. They have a wee bit of a heel (one of the things my doctor
liked the best) so one has to be careful not to be overenthusiastic when
closing in third. Jazz oxfords are available black and white, and this is a
case where the less expensive model is better (for SCD purposes, at least).

Ree Grisham
Chicago, IL

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