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Message 15544 · Freeman/Pavey · 21 Jan 1999 17:28:14 · Top

Please could some one tell me what a "reeler" is? How do reelers differ
from SCDancers? I've noticed them mentioned a number of times but I'm
unfamiliar with the term or practice.

Maberly, Ontario.
Scottish Country Dancing in Eastern Ontario


Message 15620 · Martin.Sheffield · 26 Jan 1999 08:57:57 · Top

Reelers are people that enjoy lively dancing, letting off steam and making
friends while some good music is being played.

Perhaps if Anselm had called our list "reel", there would have been reelers
ready to answer the orginal query immediately. But, since reelers do
nothing so staid as a strathspey, they have not been atracted to the list.

I think reeling and celidh dancing are still confined to Scotland and
Scottish communities in large towns in England. French students that have
had the chance to join in while studying there, come home and eagerly get
in touch with the few SCD groups here. They are generally disappointed
however, as what we do (learning steps, figures and dances a la RSCDS) is
not what they had enjoyed so much in Scotland.

Here is a mail I have just received from such a person:
>J'ai eu l'occasion de danser =E9cossais quand j'=E9tais dans votre beau=
pays .
I'll translate the rest:
"I stayed in Edinburgh and went regularly to the Assembly Room Ceilidhs .
Wonderful atmosphere and splendid surroundings.
I'd love to be able to continue in France, but I'm afraid it might be differ=
In Scotland, the public was friendly, every one joined in, all ages
together, nothing snobbish)."

Apparently just the opposite of certain "elitist" attitudes that have been
discuused here recently.

Grenoble, France.
Cycling, country dancing ...

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