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Message 14237 · Val Stannard · 4 Nov 1998 09:43:27 · Top

Martin Sheffield wrote >
But how do you people find time to write so much?
Do you really ever dance? Or are you permanently glued to the screen
waiting for incoming mail?<

You get up an hour earlier! Great first thing in the morning [06.00 -
07.00hrs.] in UK, it means you can sit and read what's come in over night and
get your replies sent off while North America is still tucked up in bed - they
don't start bombarding you with 'angry' replies [grin] until after lunch,
during which you have taken a couple of herbal 'quiet life' tablets - or if
you have really stirred them up, perhaps it ought to be a couple of glasses of
wine, no, let's go the whole hog - a couple of drams of malt whisky?

You then find an hour or so to 'have another go' at the e-mails in the
afternoon, then off to dancing in the evening - what's wrong with that?

Oh! I suppose I ought to have left some space in my day to do some work? Minor
point, don't let it worry you!

Val - UK

p.s. - to any of you who are now seriously worried about my daily alcohol
intake - I AM only joking!

p.p.s. to Martin - You can keep your French loos, modern egalitarianism or
not. Apart from the communal bit which I dislike - I detest even more the one
with holes in the floor!

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