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Booking ahead

Message 1397 · Ellen C. Campbell · 21 Mar 1995 22:04:26 · Top

Thank you Peter for the kind and true sentiment. But quick duck for e-mail
coming your way, at first I read it as him asking one woman to dance and the
other sits out. However, I *think* the way he phrased it was there were two
extra men and they all danced.

In YOUR scenario you are right to take any man [woman] to task for assuming
that splitting a woman-woman couple is preferred. That assumption happens to
be a pet-peeve of mine. I ask a woman to dance (or agree to dance with
another woman) for a number of reasons:
-She is a good dancer therefore joy to dance with,
-She is a friend,
-The other men "available" are not preferred (yes, there are men with whom I
wish not to dance),
- She is there beside me and I wish not to 'dash off' looking for a man (what's
the lure in men anyway especially, if one must be so undignified to snag one
for a dance? So says a person who does not use SCD as a dating service.). :)

I think the booking issue has been hashed enough -- I'm almost ready to say
who cares? Appears where booking is actively practiced, it should not be
encouraged, but one can legislate that sort of thing. I am only grateful that
in SF branch it is done very little, however there is snobbery that goes on and
that is more off-putting than booking. Booking is a social structure that
people can work around, snobbery is plain insulting.

Well, that's all I have to say. Got some deadlines to meet before I fly off to
Utah for a few days. Turns out though we tried, Dan will not be able to join
me. The airlines were being particularly stubborn -- it's that booking thing
again. See how it bothers people everywhere.

Talk to you later,



Ellen C. Campbell

Booking ahead

Message 1398 · Paul Hemenway · 21 Mar 1995 23:29:31 · Top

Somehow, when I make a simple statement, I seem to get dumped on from
various quarters.

I LIKE to dance as a lady as much as the next man. HOWEVER. a)
I would much rather dance WITH a LADY at a dance if I have the opportunity.
b) I ALWAYS ASK if the ladyships would accomodate the two men. If the
answer is "no", then some other "lady-twosome" has overheard the offer
and THEY would rather dance with male partners. I know lots of ladies
who like to dance with their lady friends, but would RATHER dance with
a man they do or don't know.

as an aside, when the occasion permits, two of us males will purposedly
dance together, or a lady and I will change places in a set when we
are with friends in a social situation where it won't disrupt the
other dancers in the set. (I'll probably get a lot of flack for THAT,


Booking ahead

Message 1399 · Peter Hastings · 21 Mar 1995 23:47:15 · Top

Dear Paul

Thanks, that clears that one up. I was wrong in my assumption. You do ask
an already formed couple to re-arrange themselves to suit you.


Peter Hastings
Royal Observatory

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