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I'm forwarding this from a band leader, Ross Daly, who wants to get into
SCD. (I copied my original Strathspey message to him.) I hope it is of
some interest to the list.
Scottish Country Dancing in Eastern Ontario

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Sorry, I had to cut my last message short. Here's some more thoughts: in my list of things (instrument costs, lessons,
insurance (new one), etc. I forgot to mention about the arrangements. Who pays the musician to creat new arrangements? It cost
me $80 bucks to get music for this gig (no problem), but, where does that come from? And what about the next gig? And so on...
Next time the teacher comments on fees that are too high for a dance including live music, tell her we would be more than
happy to show up and play for a lower fee if she (and other SCD Societies for future gigs) will create/provide us with the
music arrangements!!! This should at least make her stop and think and realize that someone sweats blood to assemble music for
their dance and that it is an ongoing process!

> >I think there is a general concensous that we would rather dance to
> >(good) live music than canned because of the special ambiance of a live
> >performance along with the added interaction between the dancers and the
> >band.

This type of talk is all but forgotten in the wedding industry. Brides and their budgets: dance band or DJ? The concept of
live music for a dance is nearly a dead issue. Our dance band didn't work for three summers. Bad economy? Also,why pay for a
band who isn't going to sound like the record when you can get the record for half the price? It's a no-brainer (or
no-dollar). Live music at the church is a more obvious choice over a DJ. "Interaction" at the dance is something that MTV has
conveniently relegated to a dusty memory for the old foggies.

> ) How can we attract musicians to SCD unless we indicated it is a good
> >thing for them financially by paying at least as much as a movie and a
> >bag of popcorn for live music. Before recorded music all performances
> >were live. I would like to see at least some monthly socials with live
> >music to make it worth while being an SCD musician and also to increase
> >the level of enjoyment and participation by the dancers.
> >

Good point. Though I suspect that in the olden days the musicians did it purely for the joy of it and didn't get paid. It was
their social contribution (besides there was no TV!). Eventually, modernization crept in and now those musicians are not
playing solely for the joy of it all. Fewer and fewer bands stayed together for the pure joy of it all and not many "pro"
bands emerged either. (This is all guess work. Of course, I don't have any idea if this is true, but I can only project). The
end result being what it is today. The question is whether the SCD Society recognizes the "modern musician" or wishes to hold
on to "tradition" - so to speak.
For myself, as much as I am enJOYing the music and will enJOY performing for you in Nov, I/we will only continue if there is
adequate financial recognition. I would rather do it purely for the joy, but modern times proves that to be difficult! Suppose
other bands get tired of the over-work-under-pay scene and drop out too, then what? We all put out a few CD's, market them and
stay at home?

Food for thought.


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