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Summer Dancing

Message 12201 · John Veranth · 2 Jun 1998 05:25:07 · Top

The Salt Lake City group dances in a local park all summer. By 7pm the
temperature is down to something reasonable and often a canyon breeze
provides natural air conditioning. Our usual location is on a hilltop
overlooking a pond, and one side of the set gets to watch the sun setting
over the Great Salt Lake while the other side admires the sunset reflected
off the mountains. With all that who worries if the grass is a little
bumpy! We dance either until it gets too dark to see or until the park
sprinklers come on. We definitely welcome visitors.

Martha Veranth
Salt Lake City UT

>Jim and Donna Ferguson wrote:
> It seems to be the same all over. As soon as May or June gets here, all
> the dancing, except for summer schools, stops. I often wondered why
> that is. Except for the fact that air-conditioning would be beneficial,
> why shouldn't we dance in the summer?
> I think the reason you don't hear much on the server in this weather is
> due to the same reason the seat in front of the tv is empty. Good
> weather lures people out and away from the computer.
> Donna
> --
> Jim and Donna Ferguson <>

John & Martha Veranth
4460 Ashford Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124

Summer Dancing

Message 12203 · Robert MacIsaac/Anne Gillis · 2 Jun 1998 07:06:41 · Top

While classes at the St. John's (Newfoundland) Branch end in mid-May, social
dancing using recorded music continues during the Summer on Monday evenings -
very informal, unprogrammed setting in which dance selection is impromptu and
briefing is done by the person suggesting the dance. We continue dancing
the Summer until regular classes begin again in September. ( If an
teacher happens along, he/she is usually cajoled into leading a dance or two.
don't remain innocent for long)

Here ( near the confluence of the Labrador Current and the Gulf Stream, at
approximately 47.5N 52.8W) it is not an uncommon opinion that there is little
of air conditioners or fans - that a few open windows are usually sufficient.
office is found in the centre of just such a building ie: no windows or AC.
thanks to the gods of Teacher's Summer Holidays.) Many of us, however, would
appreciate such amenities at our dancing venue for some of the dates in late
and early August.

Visit out home page

and, if you are in Newfoundland, please visit us.

Robert MacIsaac

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