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San Francisco

Message 11076 · Keith Grant · 25 Feb 1998 08:18:30 · Top

Subject: Re: San Francisco
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 00:33:23 EST

> Thanks so much for your good words! As soon as I sent the message, I
> remembered just how awful the weather has been in California. but you
> must understand as an Easterner I think of California as pepetual
> sunshine! Ken says that Hawaii has been warm and sunny, so here's
> hoping!!!

Even without the monsoonal El Nino downpours, the Bay Area is a land of
contrasts, requiring the avaiability of removable/addable layers of
clothing. During summer, I can go from 100 deg F heat in Pleasanton to 50
degrees and windy in Mill Valley. It's hard to remember to pack a sweater
when you start out sweltering. I've also gone to Scandia dance weekends in
February, very glad I dressed in shorts with pullover long nylon climbing
pants to cut the chill until I warmed up.

San Francisco, when it's warm in other parts of the Bay Area, can have fog
in some sections and be unmercifully chilly. There's a standing joke: "Hey
you, the tourist... yes you, the person in the shorts and blue skin." I
remember a cartoon once, a woman showing a friend her new summer dress. The
friend replied, "Oh, you poor dear! Summer in S.F. was last week!".

You aren't likely to encounter below 50's during the days (40's at night),
or above the 70's (again, deg F). The air might be still, but again it might
be blowing a bit too stiff for flying kites. Sweaters, wind-breakers, shorts
and t-shirts, and garments made of yards of wool are all in order during

And oh yes, the trees have been blossoming (some are done and leafing out),
the hills that haven't given way to houses (or mud slides) are a brilliantly
bright green, and amid that green there are bright splotches of yellow
mustard. And today it wasn't raining, and there were wonderful white puffy
clouds in a bright blue sky, and I didn't need a coat while tramping around
a noon.

And, if you were willing to travel 'round the Bay,
I think that your feet would dance every day.


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