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As many of you will know, John Drewry is in a nursing home in Aberdeen.
He's being well looked after and has quite a number of visitors, all things

I, along with another two of John's friends, am gathering material which we
hope will become a John Drewry archive in either the Special Collections at
the University or in the Aberdeen City Archives. (John used to work first in
the Bio-Chemistry Dept and latterly in the Computing Department of the

We have ensured that there are copies of all the John Drewry books and
leaflet/sheet dances we have gathered in the RSCDS archives at Coates

The ones on your list, Christine, which I don't seem to have copies of are:

The Bridges of Sighs
Brimmond (It's a hill near John's home in Bankhead)
Carlisle House - could this be Carlisle Castle, which is in the Rondel
Fiddler on the Capstan
Glowerin' Coo.

If you could hold onto copies of these until we've had time to do a fuller
check that would be great.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Jean Martin

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We have been given copies of a large number of John Drewry's dances. I am
loath to throw these away, Knowing that many of his books are now difficult
to get hold of, so I have listed the first half of them below. If anyone is
interested in one or all of them I am happy to post them out for the cost of
the postage.

The Alder Burn
'Allo Vera!!
Ann of Gleneagles
Apple Tea
The Arctic Circle
Argyll is my Name
Atholl Brose
Auchindoun Castle
Aurora Australis
The Big Bang
Birlin' Awa'
The Black Burn Reel
Blooms of Bon Accord
The Bonded Warehouse
The Bonsai Tree
Bottoms Up!
Bow Fiddle Rock
The Bow River
The Braeside Strathspey
Bras d'or or The Third Man
The Breathalyser
Briarcliff Manor
The Bridge of Sighs
Browned Off or We are not Amused
The Cabot Trail
The Cairn of Sorrow
Cape Breton Island
The Capon Tree
Carlisle Castle
Carlyle House
The Cat-walk
The Celtic Kiwi
Census Day in Turkey
Charlotte Square
Cherry Blossom Time
Cherrybank Gardens
The Chinook
Christie's Strathspey
A Clean Sweep
Coat's Ceilidh Calypso
The Cock o' the North
The Cocks of Denizli
The Cocky Wee Gordon
The Code Breaker
Come Out of your Buckie
Comely Bank
Copycat (Fugue)
Consumption Dyke
Corner after Corner after Corner
Craig Mhor
The Crescent Moon
Crossing the Line
The Crown of King's
Cullen Skink
Curling Lassies
The Daffodil
Dancing Around
The D-dance Dancing as far as the Hills A Dancing Career Dancing in the
Right Circle Darg Le Glebe David Jones's Locker Davie Taylor The Denmore
Reel The Deveron Reel The Didgeridoos of Dunvegan A Double Dose Double Dutch
Down Side Up The Dragon The Dowry Bride Dream Maker The Duke of Wellington
The Dumfries Doglet Dunbuy Dunsiname Eastern Promise The Elphinstone Jig
Epping Hundred The Eternal Flame or Perpetuun Mobile Etta Gibson's
Strathspey The Exciseman The Eyrie in the Glen Faraway Isle The Fiddler on
the Capstan
50 Years On
The Fishers of Buckie
The Fixed Link
Floating on Air
Flora's Favourites
The Flying Spur
Follow Baha!
Forty Happy Years
Four Million
Foxhill Court
Freddy's Fancy
From the Black Isle to the Black Sea
The Galapagos Gallop
The Georgian Strathspey
George Girl
Get Weaving
Get your Skates On
Get yoursel' a Toyboy
Glen Devon
The Gloerin' coo
The Golden Knot
Go with the Rhythm
The Gowden Laverock
The Grand Promenade
The Greenburn Reel
The Haggis Tree
The Happy Potter

Best wishes

RSCDS Leeds Branch

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