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Hi Andrea
Read the Editorial and then ( I grant you in small lettering) the foot of
the contents, which sends you to page 23 for the full story!
West Lothian

On 4 May 2010 14:35, Andrea Re <xxxxxx@xxxxxx-xx.xx> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> sorry for replying so late, but, unbelievable though it may sound, I had to
> work... Anyway, I am devoting my short lunch break to answering this
> question as I thought it is high time I came out (pun intended).
> Just the other day I got the following e-mail describing the picture in the
> front page of the magazine:
>> I see a bunch of guys in desert camo pants and desert boots, four wearing
>> red t-shirts and four blue t-shirts, dancing. What else am I supposed to
>> see? Do explain.
> I think it is close enough, but what I saw was as follows (the postman
> delivered it with some other stuff, so I couldn't see the title of the
> magazine): here is a bunch of guys with tight buttocks in camouflage
> trousers and a T-shirts to emphasize their muscles (I wouldn't look like
> that if I wore the same clothes:( ). They seemed to be doing some sort of
> wrestling... Well, what I thought was: "What the heck is that? Who is
> sending me images of a gay romp???" Then I saw the title of the magazine and
> I rolled my eyes... "I should have known".
> Never mind what the picture was supposed to depict, what interests me is
> what it looked to me... My wife when she saw it said something like "I
> see... the gay parade is coming to town" or words to that effect (I have to
> stress that we both live a rather cloistered life). Someone else reacted in
> a similar vein (within SCD circles). I bet you what you like that if you
> showed this picture to someone in the street, their first reaction would be
> similar to mine (and they will be wondering whether "Scottish Country
> Dancer" is some sort of new euphemism...) and once they are told that the
> picture is actually about SCD, probably they would agree it wasn't THAT
> surprising (I don't think they would be referring to the "great tradition of
> the 'reel of the 51st'" as someone put it).
> Anyway, to make a long story short, I found this picture interesting to
> start with because it had been deemed to be suitable to go on the cover of
> the magazine and shows a way the editors of the magazine see SCD. I am sure
> it was done with the best of intentions, but still, they could have chosen
> better (like when Gordon Brown had his picture taken next to a Swastika) to
> convey a certain image of ourselves.
> Even more interesting is the reaction from this list... apart from few
> exceptions, nobody seemed to notice there was anything queer about the
> picture which I think says a lot about part of the readership of this list.
> It shows that, in my view, there is a difference between the "normal" world
> and some parts of the "SCD" world (at least in Scotland). Probably some is
> due to age and some to an acceptance that SCD is pervaded by a certain aura
> of campness (view generally held outwith SCD circles, even amongst some of
> my acquaintances, despite my best attempts). Obviously I am not pretending
> that what has come out (so to speak) from this list is in any way
> representative of the SCD world at large (even in Scotland), but perhaps it
> gives a clue of the way we are being perceived and why. The society has
> still a lot of work to do to improve its image if we want to increase the
> membership (I am talking mainly about England and Scotland) and to do so we
> need to shed the perception that SCD is camp and for old biddies (if we want
> to get younger people, possibly of the male variety).
> I have to say that I was talking to some high up members of the society and
> they found the picture perfectly fine... that IS worrying...
> Some might say that I am in the wrong and I am being unduly malicious. and
> bigoted, but I don't think so... I daresay SCD people have become too used
> to a certain image of themselves and they find it difficult even to laugh
> about it.
> As an aside, I think what I have said ties up quite well with the
> discussion about Strathspey as a mailing list... Given that, indeed, as a
> mailing list it works perfectly well and that some people might even like
> the format, it is undoubtedly a vastly outmoded way of communicating, but
> funnily enough it seems fitting if we have to discuss SCD stuff, but that is
> perhaps the subject for another post.
> Andrea (fae Falkirk and Dundee)
> PS
> I would like to stress again (before I get hate mail) that the point of the
> discussion, as far as I am concerned, is NOT what the picture was supposed
> to portray or who is in it, but what one sees in it; remember, not everybody
> would know by default what it is about. Besides, I am still not clear where
> the article that explains it is...

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