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Hello Campbell

I find the information you are collecting helpful and would
like to be able to analyse it to answer questions such as
what are the most common jigs? Most common square dances?

You have provided a commentary along these lines in previous
emails but it must be very difficult to anticipate all of
the questions that might be of interest. Certainly the
interest will extend beyond the most common fifty dances
which, I guess, will change relatively slowly.

Would it add a great deal to the complexity of your
reporting if you were able to structure the data in some
way? Perhaps a Table in the MS Word sense would be most
helpful, if Strathspey permits this, or else some embedded
characters that would separate the dance title from the
other information such as place number.

Sorry to add to your task - I know it's much easier to do so
than to respond to all such requests.

Ian Brown
Harrogate Saltire Scottish Country Dance Club

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Subject: Most frequent dances

Here I am again with the latest list. I have been a bit
slow with this next
50 programmes because I have had to have the programme
changed to
incorporate the recording of the positions of dances in the
either as first, last, before supper, after supper, extra or
the rest. I
have also started identifying the origin of dances, which
will enable me to
identify the RSCDS dances and compare them. Some extra
reporting facilities
will also help answer your queries. Anyhow, reaching 250
programmes means
that dances have to appear on at least 22 of those to make
the top 50.
There are now 804 dances on my database, 347 of which have
only appeared on
one programme.

Since last I reported, Pelorus Jack has taken over the top
position from
Minister on the Loch, Catch the Wind has dropped out of the
top 10, to be
replaced by Mrs Stewart's Jig, and the biggest mover has
been Polharrow
Burn, up 16 places to 12th. New entries to the top 50 are
JB Milne,
Nurseryman and Rose of the North, replacing Trip to Bavaria,
Miss Gibson's
Strathspey and Ladies Fancy.

I must also thank those who have been so consistent in their
submission of
programmes. Jean Deacon from Melbourne has been
exceptional, which is
reflected in the fact that of the 250 programmes, 39 come
from Australia
(not all hers), beaten only by England's 68 and Scotland's
63. So please,
those of you who do read this stuff, if you don't submit
your programmes,
you wont affect the tallies. I have also had a few requests
for particular
statistics which I am happy to fulfil if possible. One day
I will get all
this stuff on to our club website.

Top devisor is Roy Goldring with 73, closely followed by
John Drewry with
69. Most frequent dance in Australia is Minister on the
Loch, USA Pelorus
Jack, England Bees of Maggieknockater, Scotland Catch the
Wind and Ian
Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder.

The top 50 are (previous positions after):

1 Pelorus Jack 2

2 Minister on the Loch 1

3 Mairis Wedding 6

4 Montgomeries Rant 5

5 Reel of the Royal Scots 4

6 Deil Amang the Tailors 3

7 Wild Geese 8

8 Irish Rover 9

9 Reel of the 51st Division 7

10 Mrs Stewart's Jig 12

11 Joie de Vivre 15

12 Polharrow Burn 28

13 Gang The Same Gate 16

14 Bees of Maggieknockater 23

15 Catch the Wind 10

16 Neidpath Castle 11

17 Shiftin' Bobbins 33

18 Bratach Bana 34

19 Machine without Horses 13

20 Hoopers Jig 17

21 Silver Tassie 30

22 EH37AF 14

23 Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan 20

24 Tribute to the Borders 37

25 Luckenbooth Brooch 22

26 Gentleman 25

27 Maxwell's Rant 18

28 Piper and the Penguin 24

29 Dream Catcher 19

30 Jubilee Jig 21

31 Robertson Rant 26

32 Seton's Ceilidh Band 29

33 General Stuart's Reel 32

34 Miss Milligan's Strathspey 27

35 Sailor 36

36 Napier's Index 31

37 Duke of Perth 44

38 Quarries Jig 47

39 Australian Ladies 38

40 MacDonald of the Isles 42

41 Ian Powrie's Farewell 43

42 Culla Bay 45

43 Clutha 35

44 John of Bon Accord 46

45 Flowers of Edinburgh 49

46 Sugar Candie 41

47 Nurseryman 54

48 Festival Fling 40

49 J B Milne 65

50 Rose of the North 55

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