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Malcolm Brown wrote:

> Gracenote is the one accessed by the programme I am currently using -
> gives a description of how it works and
> its history. (I believe that if a CD is not in the database, or if the data
> is incorrect, it is possible to change the data in the database, as well as
> on the local computer).

One idea that crosses my mind every so often is to extend the DanceData web
frontend on to function as a CDDB (a.k.a.
Gracenote) protocol server. Any CD-reading program based on Gracenote or its
freely available cousin, FreeDB, could be pointed to it to have instant
access to the database's info on SCD CDs. For added credit, if we were asked
for a CD that is not in the database (maybe because it is not an SCD CD), we
could bounce the request off to FreeDB (if not Gracenote) and see what that
turns up, so the program would also work for non-SCD content and hence could
be used as the default CDDB server for SCD aficionados who also listen to
non-SCD music on occasion. The advantage of this approach would be that we
would instantly have standardised track titles, band and album names by
virtue of the effort Alan has put into getting all of these organised for the

The main problem with this project is that we would need to figure out the
indexes CDDB calculates from the track lengths and offsets of tracks on the
CD. This is easy to do (given appropriate software) if you have access to the
actual CD but cannot be automated just from the track listings in DanceData.
(A more detailed description is on the Wikipedia page Malcolm cited.) This
calls for an approach where everyone checks their CD shelves (or the data for
already-ripped CDs on their computers) and sends me just the CDDB1 IDs for
their CDs, which I would incorporate in the database. In actual practice, we
would have a special page listing CDs in the database that didn't have a
CDDB1 value yet, so one could compare that list against one's stash of CDs in
order to save effort; a new index submission for any CD would instantly
remove it from the to-do list and make that CD accessible via CDDB1, just
like on a Gracenote server. The to-do list would start out listing all SCD
CDs in the database (probably minus the ones I own myself), and its length
would hopefully diminish very quickly.

Incidentally, there are now 248 albums in DanceData listed as »available on
CD«. Sounds eminently doable.

Anselm Lingnau, Friedberg, Germany .....................
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