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Thank you, Robb, for putting a very real perspective into this
thread. I very strongly support the copyright issue and I choose to
support support devisors who have published dances. As a matter of
fact, I will not teach a dance at a workshop or class without having
either the devisor's consent or a purchased copy of the dance
description in my possession. For example, I had a photocopy of a
Glasspool dance in my possession but I would not teach it before
buying the book. As I write, I have four books currently on order
from TACBooks. It is sometimes nice, however, to see the description
of a dance before buying the book. Not all of us can walk across the
street to a store that sells SCD materials and peruse the books of

Your comments on remuneration for teaching is insightful. I am paid
$12.50 to teach each of my children's classes. From this I buy juice
and cookies for each class. My net remuneration is far less than your
$5.00 per participant. We teach for the love of it, not for the money.

Unfortunately responses to my innocent request has made me feel dirty
and I have lost interest in the dance. I could never again dance or
teach it with any semblance of enjoyment.

I think this thread should end ASAP.


On Apr 25, 2008, at 9:06 AM, wrote:

> Theoretically Iain is 100% correct, and devisers and publishers of
> dance
> instructions should definitely be supported in this manner...BUT...
> There's a practical flipside to this as well. Just this morning I
> received
> the following privately from another SCD teacher, who will remain
> anonymous:
> "I just finished reading the e-mail about purchasing books. I
> purchase
> books at
> least once a year and in the last 2 years have spent $2,000 on
> CD's. I
> don't think that teachers need to purchase everything out there.
> If a
> particular dance is a good one then all should share that dance. I
> have
> several books that I wouldn't bother teaching anything from. I do
> get paid
> to teach but many of our teachers here don't."
> Please keep in mind ere anyone barbecues me that these are comments
> to me
> and not from me, though I cannot say that I at all disagree.
> Incidentally I am
> one of those teachers who does not get paid; quite the opposite,
> the $5 that
> I receive from each dancer per class does not even cover the basic
> expenses
> of running the class (having nothing to do with purchasing
> materials), and I
> make up the deficit personally. Additionally I personally maintain
> (pay the
> annual dues for) the class's longstanding status as an RSCDS
> affiliated group
> (from before our San Gabriel Valley Branch, with which the class is
> also
> associated, was even founded) with no tangible benefit, since we're
> otherwise
> part of an RSCDS branch, but merely in my mind as a personal
> contribution to
> the RSCDS. I really can't "purchase everything out there" either.
> Robb Quint
> Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
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> In a message dated 4/24/2008 9:53:48 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
> xxxx_xxxx_xxx@xxxxx.xx.xx writes:
> Greetings All,
> I have watched this thread progress and now am annoyed enough to
> write and
> ask
> 'Why is that many of you can not / will not / do not wish to
> purchase a copy
> of the original publication for yourselves?'
> In this case, the 'Dunsmuir Dances' collection is still in print
> and is
> available from TACBooks. It is also advertised on the San Francisco
> Branch
> website.
> With the 'marvels of modern science' a copy could be ordered and
> despatched
> within a couple of days. Admittedly, the postal service may
> considerably add
> to the time before you actually receive the book.
> To me, there is no need to plan to teach a dance without having the
> original
> instructions to hand, and, a crib is not the 'original' instructions!
> The only time anyone should really need to request instructions
> from other
> members of this forum is after having ascertained that the original
> publication is out of print or that the deviser can not be
> contacted for a copy.
> Regards,
> Iain Boyd
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