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I have followed this discussion with great interest. Here in Cape Town we
have a strange situation where we have 7 clubs, some physically very close
to each other. They are mostly much smaller than they used to be, but none
have seen fit to amalgamate as yet. One of the clubs is called "Royals"
because their teacher is the Cape Town branch's secretary/chairman. However,
there are as many, if not more, branch members outside the Royals club as
there are branch members attending that club . Moreover most people
attending the Royals club pay a weekly fee and are not members of the

Until fairly recently the South African Rand was hovering around R7 to the $
and R14 to the £. Branch members were being asked to pay R150 for branch
membership (the cost of 4 visits to the local cinema or 15 big macs!!). My
clubs membership fee is R380 for the year but we are not affiliated in any
way with RSCDS at present, so all that money stays in the club. A handful
of our members are members of the Branch. About 10% of dancers in Cape Town
are branch members, many dancers I guess don’t even know about branch
membership; certainly the only time people are encouraged to join is if they
are needed on the branch committee. Nightly dancing fees vary from R6
(including tea and biscuits!) to R15, i.e. $0,84 to $2,13. Our main annual
dance event, including sit down 3 course dinner and live band will cost us
R150 this year ($21,30 or £10,70). Any higher and there is serious price

I must admit that this is the first time in my entire life that I have heard
Americans complaining about the "insane" exchange rate and I hope you will
forgive me a certain perverse satisfaction. One of the benefits of living
in the first world is a pretty steady exchange rate. Here not so long ago
we have seen the Rand fluctuate from R12 to the £ to R20 to the £ in less
than 3 months, due to some high-flying financiers deciding our currency was
a good vehicle for speculation. You can imagine what that did to our RSCDS
subs. Then of course there is our sad neighbour Zimbabwe whose inflation
rate is over 1700% (I think, it is hard to keep up).

It seems to me that most everyone is saying that as long as the RSCDS
delivers real benefits, £15 is not excessive. But how do we sell the
benefits to the ordinary club dancer when we are not that sure what they
are. I think someone on the board should make that a priority, draw up such
a list, circulate it to the branches and ask for comment, constructive
criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Campbell Tyler
Cape Town


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> Hello folks,
> I agree with James that many young people will be discouraged
> if we raise
> the fees. I am somebody who has decided to go back to school to get a
> different degree. At this time I don't even have the time or
> energy to even
> work part time. So every penny is precious to me.
> The fees for our branch are much higher than what I have seen
> on this list
> so far. We divide the year into three "semesters". The fall
> costs $90, with
> $25 going to the RSCDS. The winter costs also $90, and goes
> to the branch
> only. If we decide to have classes in the summer, it is by
> drop in fee of
> $8. Membership in the RSCDS is mandatory. There is the option
> to pay via
> drop-in fee of $8 during the normal season, but a one-time
> payment of $25 is
> still required for the RSCDS membership.
> Adding up these figures I am paying $180 for the normal
> season and, if we
> decide to hold classes, another $100ish in the summer. That's
> a lot of money
> for a student.
> I would love to try out some ballroom dancing (especially
> waltzes, because
> they'd benefit me too when a SCD ball comes around), but
> aside from not
> having the time, there is no way I can afford that.
> Yes, our branch does use a big part of the money for an
> air-conditioned room
> rental, and money is put away for a big band at the annual ball, the
> teacher's fund and now we are sponsoring three new
> teachers-to-be. So I have
> to admit that most of my branch fee is put to good use. But I
> am not so sure
> I can say that of my RSCDS fee. SCD might become too
> expensive for me....
> Carla
> Carla Wiedemann
> Member RSCDS Windsor, ON
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> Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars."
> Les Brown
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> Elaine,
> We want to raise costs on things because it is "worth"
> it--and it is--and
> yet we hear the constant complaint that we don't see enough
> young people in
> the dance classes. As a college student myself, I know that I
> could not
> afford even $10 a dance class... (Especially considering I
> try to bounce
> between Baton Rouge and New Orleans which would double the
> cost.) Is being a
> member of the RSCDS worth $30 a year? I don't know. I just
> recently was
> signed up by one of my teachers--funded by the token $2
> donations we pay to
> support classes. Before that I was not a member... I was
> never turned away
> from a dance or a class. To me, Scottish Country Dancing is about the
> dancing not the RSCDS or any other society, and I think most
> other young
> people feel similarly. While I appreciate the RSCDS for
> preserving the
> dances that I love and setting a standard of steps so that there is
> consistency internationally, I don't know if we're getting
> our money out of
> it. And making things
> more expensive--whether it's worth it or not--will discourage
> the younger
> folks from taking classes and continuing this tradition. I
> realize that the
> RSCDS fee is a once a year thing though--so it's not as big
> of a deal... but
> suggesting that classes should cost more is somewhat troubling.
> -James Mungall
> LSU--Baton Rouge, LA
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