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First, I apologise if this comes across as less word efficient, indeed more on the rambling side, than I would have wished.

I am interested in seeking access and permission to use articles of interest to youth involved with SCD. This includes Mel Briscoe's TACtalk article, also, any articles in general that speak of the future of SCD. Testimonials of successful ventures in garnering youth interest in SCD is also desirable.

    I'm setting up a website independent of my local UVic Caledonian Club website. It's aim is to serve as a network for SCD "youth" [a term left intentionally vague in definition :p] Over the past year, and especially in the months following the YOUTH WEEKEND WEST 2003, I have made extensive contacts with other "youth" in various locations in Canada, as well as a few in the United States. It is important to make use of these contacts, to expand them, and to establish an accessible, interactive newsletter-style front to the growing network between isolated pockets of youth in Scottish country dance communities across the continents [though for now we're North American based].

    As the ideas formed, I found a role model of sorts, in terms of making it an interactive, fluid thing. It isn't up and running yet, and will start off small. However, as it grows, it will feature things of interest to youthful SCDers.

    There will be a forum of discussion - possible topics to be discussed: How to start your own university class? Where is SCD headed, and how can you as youth be a part of it? do you have any ideas of improvement for next year's Youth Weekend West? It can be a method of exchanging experiences, successes in starting after-school SCD classes, ideas on making SCD more "marketable" to our youthful peers, etc., etc.

    An up to date Events section will feature events of interest to Youth, whether they be like the Youth Weekend, specifically designed to allure youth, or whether they simply be awesome beyond words, and thus also of particular allure to youth [Ruth Jappy's March Spring Fling comes to mind, for example.]

    Depending on the interest of dancers to do so, there will be reviews of cds and dance books - anything coming out of TAC, certainly, not to mention the likes of Natalie MacMaster, Ashley MacIsaac, Irish Descendants, The Spirit of the West, or whomever.

    Also, the site will feature information on events regarding, for instance, celtic language classes, musicians' workshops, etc.

    Any ideas are welcome, but particularly, at this point, permission to use articles, and access to them.

    Also, keep in mind that this "Youth Network" is not an "Anti-Non-Youth Network." I want that very clear. Obviously us pups appreciate dancers of whatever experience and vintage, otherwise would we still be dancing? Also, input from dancers of any age in the forums is not only allowed, but encouraged.

Okay, enough Rambling Garth -


Garth Martens, Youth Coordinator, Victoria Branch

Victoria, BC Canada


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