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Olivier is probably forgetting that Coates Crescent does not hold branch
members data. Branches only submit counts of members with their
remittances, thus Coates Crescent only has HQ members info.

Until now and as long as the RSCDS remains a branch-centric organisation,
and as long as the annual subscription level remains a sensitive subject,
that situation will continue. Thus there is no option but to rely on Branch
secretaries do their stuff correctly, but one must accept that it is
difficult to handle in a "half-wired" world.

Coates Crescent sends out password info by mail, the Branch secretary
receives it (or seemingly doesn't in the case of Montreal), files it
somewhere and waits for phone calls from those members who are interested.
Sometime in the future the password will be sent by email to ALL
secretaries, who will then send it to each current member automatically by
email and everyone will be happy. But we aren't there yet.

Martin Sheffield raises the very valid point which no doubt the RSCDS
Management Board considered at the time, which is whether it is worthwhile
to invest the effort in 'protecting' the members section. As he says the
info therein contained is not of any great interest to the non-dancing
public and thus why bother. On the other hand I believe (marginally) it is a
good idea to start off protecting the RSCDS data when we are not sure what
breadth and scope of data we will eventually provide. In the end we might
decide to do away with passwords but that is easier than starting off with
none and later changing one's mind!

There is another way of course, which is of some merit.
Instead of a password why not ask a general knowledge SCD question to any
internaut who wants access, such as ...

"Give the surnames of the two co-founders of the RSCDS in reverse
alphabetical sequence."

Voila - this will separate the motivated from the merely nosey, as well as
requiring a certain minimum level of intelligence.

After three months of that the follow-ons could be...

What year was the RSCDS formed and give its initials at that time?
Name a step that you should avoid doing immediately after
a heavy coq-au-vin meal?

Any other suggestions for questions that would self-educate and self-select
readers of our member's section?

William Whyte

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Oliver Thinius <xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx> writes:

> logging in with username and password - as such - does not create
> "more" work for individuals at HQ, but for IT consultants. It is a
> matter of how the "login" database on the web is linked - and
> cross-checked - with the membership database. So to say a matter of
> programming an interface between the membership files and the Website.

I'd say the main problem with that would be that the membership files
are sitting on a PC at Coates Crescent and the web site lives somewhere
at some ISP's, with no direct link between the two.

Incidentally, the user name/password combination that was posted to the
list was removed from the Archive on the same day, so those of you who
have saved a copy of that message may wish to hang on to it until
RSCDS HQ staff can get the combination changed (whenever, if ever, that
may be).

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