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Wrt Mgt Bd and Committee membership, the amendment to the Executive Council
motion on Constitutional change proposed by Leicester last year suggested
that retirement of one third should be "determined by ballot (the drawing
of lots) amongst the remaining longest serving members." It was probably a
memory of this which was behind the comments made, but as William said, it
is as well to keep temporary arrangements out of the Constitution, and if
the Management Board is not competent to arrange its succession
arrangements, one should be asking if it would be competent to run the

With respect to postal voting, I am a very insignificant shareholder in 3
organisations, as well as the National Trust for Scotland, and they all seem
to be able to accommodate postal voting at their AGMs, and one can in most
cases instruct the proxy either to cast your vote as directed or in response
to the debate.
I would like to reiterate the thanks to Aberdeen Branch, especially to all
the stewards who patiently shepherded us up and down stairways and along
Thanks should also go to all those who stood to serve the Society but were
not elected.

By now Alan may have realised that he missed at least two more
"Strathspeyers" from his list. :-)

Bristol, UK.

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> RSCDS AGM Nov 2, 2002
> As no doubt everyone knows we were in Aberdeen, and in late autumn one
> not expect much in the way of sunny weather that far North. I suppose it
> only a small gale by local standards on Saturday, but it was impressive
> none-the-less. On the other hand the temperature was somewhat mild (say
> around 12-14ºC).
> The AGM was preceded by a final tidying-up-meeting of the surely
> Executive Council, which consisted mostly of approving the minutes of
> various sub-committees.
> The Earl of Mansfield could not attend due to ill-health (this is his 25th
> year as Honorary President), so Alan Mair and then Jean Martin conducted
> meeting.
> The AGM itself had as its highlight the transfer of chairmanship from Alan
> Mair to Jean Martin. This was particularly apposite in her home town.
> Lana Mair's tenure we have seen a continuation of the changes inspired and
> initiated by Linda Gaul, and hopefully we will see this modernizing style
> continued by Jean Martin. Noteworthy was the visual evidence of excellent
> rapport between the old/new chair and the Secretary Elspeth Gray, which
> augurs well for the future.
> The transfer of chairmanship had a new tweak in that conforming to the new
> constitution whereby the past President makes a clean break in terms of
> official involvement in the affairs of the Society, Alan Mair symbolically
> left the rostrum.
> Jean Martin presented two scrolls of honour and cited others who were not
> present, one these absent recipients being Muriel Johnstone who was
> receiving her scroll later that very day in the US.
> There were three motions, each involving changes to the constitution and
> requiring a two-thirds majority. All were passed easily.
> 10.1 Revisions of the remits of the Management Board and the various
> Committees.
> No debate took place; obviously further discussion or change should await
> the hard lessons of reality.
> 10.2 Definition of 'terms of office'.
> No debate except that the Montreal delegate made a valid point. The
> of the motion stated that the three year cycle of elected members of the
> and committees would be ensured by awarding three years incumbency to the
> top third of those elected, two years to the following third and one year
> the bottom third. However the actual wording in the motion left this
> unsaid, probably because it matters only once, and anyway one would like
> keep temporary arrangements out of the constitution. There was one lone
> abstainer but no one voted against this motion.
> 10.3 'Postal voting'
> Although there was equally no debate on this matter, it seems that others
> shared my thoughts that this motion could have drafted more carefully.
> Postal voting, or indeed fax, email or other future electronic
> seem very appropriate for certain items such as voting for candidates to
> committees and convenorships and the chair. Other items such as important
> financial decisions or organizational changes may well be less suitable
> decision without a debate at the AGM, and yet the drafted motion did not
> allow the Management Board flexibility to decide. The motion as it was
> drafted makes remote voting available as a right to branches for all
> decisions except changes to the constitution. In the event there was no
> debate but a number (small) of abstentions and opposants. Apparently the
> final motion was an amalgam of the wishes of GP committee and the
> Council, and this may explain its slightly messy form.
> It is worthy of note that currently the sum of branches produces an
> entitlement of about 440 delegates, a figure plainly unlikely to be met in
> terms of physical attendees to the AGM. On the other side of the coin
> however is the need to prevent the AGM being reduced in importance because
> of heavy reliance on postal voting. We shall see at Perth.
> Last but not least the results of the voting for various committees etc
> announced, (no small feat in the limited time available) but no actual
> voting numbers or ranking was given. This surprised me a little although
> reflection it might well have been embarrassing for candidates (losing or
> winning) to have their numbers read out. Apparently the successful
> candidates will be informed in writing whether they have been given a 1,2
> 3-year term. The question in my mind is does this meet the appropriate
> standards of transparency. I look forward to discussing this in committee
> in future.
> Excluding the uncontested positions those appointed were:
> Chairman Elect - S Adam
> Management Board - all candidates less S Adam (see above)
> Convenor of GP & F - R Turnbull
> The names of the other successful candidates will no doubt be published
> shortly on the official RSCDS site.
> The two dance events were packed out, and as usual, most enjoyable, so the
> weather didn't matter at all !
> William Whyte
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> > Usually someone who attended the AGM is kind enough to give a quick
> > rundown on the Strathspey net of what happened. Would it be possible for
> > one of those who were lucky enough to be there to let us who weren't
> > know of the latest goingson?
> > I, for one, would be most grateful. Thanks, in anticipation
> > Stewart Cunningham, Vancouver
> >
> >

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