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Hello, Michael,
You probably have not yet had a reply, as far as I can see, because the
Society has just held its AGM, and folk have been involved in that.

It is a purely personal view, but so much depends on what your members want.
To try to look at it somewhat dispassionately, if they are interested in and
wish to support the work and publications of the Society and to have a say
in its management, and would like, if the opportunity presented itself, to
attend the Schools in Scotland,and purchase publications, CDs etc at a
discount, then I would say become a Branch. (As I interpret the Constitution
it does not mean that current members of the affiliated groups who do not
wish to join the RSCDS are debarred from still dancing at the new Branch
classes, although I understand that there may be Constitutions of some
Branches/LAs which do state this. In Bristol, RSCDS members get a discounted
class rate over non-members.) Alternatively, if the majority are just
wanting to dance and are not particularly bothered about a Society input, in
either direction, then stay affiliated. Suggest to the committed minority
that they become HQ members, for example.

I do feel, however, that the Society would be strengthened by groups such as
yours becoming Branches. Even if the advantages may in some instances be
relatively intangible, at the end of the day the RSCDS is the focal point of
SCD world-wide, and if we value our interest and enjoyment sufficiently to
hope that it will continue in to the future, then I am sure that we should
support the Society in its work.
The world is getting smaller, and there are more opportunities for sharing
experiences internationally, and if these can take place within a common
"environment" ( for want of a better word) they will be so much more
enjoyable and fruitful.
At the end of the day, for me membership of the RSCDS is important because
it has played such a positive part in my life, for the part it plays in
sustaining a Scottish tradition, and because of the pleasure which I have
had from the dancing. For me, it is a decision from the heart rather from
the head.

If I might just ask one thing it would be that any change should if at all
possible not result in loosing folk to dancing. I would argue that in the
last resort it is better to have all of you enjoying SCD as two affiliated
groups than a reduced number forming a Branch. I would also suggest that if
you do form a Branch that its Constitution provides for limited Terms of
Office for the Officers, and for a gap in service on the committee to be
mandatory. In my experience this makes for a healthier Branch.
Sorry about the length.With every good wish,
Bristol, UK.
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> Two (affiliated) dance groups in southeastern Wisconsin are
> contemplating joining together to seek branch status.
> We think we meet the criteria, but some of our members are wondering
> whether forming a branch would entail particular advantages or
> disadvantages. Any thoughts?
> Norma and Mike
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