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The Ramsay Index of recorded Scottish Country Dance Music was
published in August, 1999. It is published by the Teachers=B9
Association (Canada) and is available from TACBooks
(xx938@xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx.xx) for either Cdn$20 (pages without a
binder) or Cdn$25 (including a 3-ring binder).

Any such index becomes out of date as new material is published, and
this is happening with Ramsay too. In order to keep the index as
useful as possible, there will be annual updates, and work on the
first one has now started.

If you are not familiar with =B3The Ramsay Index=B2, a description of the
publication appears at the end of this post.


The update has three main objectives:

1. To add new albums published since the index appeared last year.

2. To correct any errors in the index as published.

3. To add any older albums that may have been inadvertently
omitted last time.


The following are the new albums of which we are aware at this time:

Kardinia Kapers - David South
The Tin Woodman - Roy Hendrie
Gang on the Same Gate - Green Ginger
Hielan' Laddie - Jimmy Blair
Band Boy's Choice - John Renton
Nice to See You - Ian Cruickshanks
Highlander Music Volume 11 - Roy Hendrie
Celebrate Fifty - Various Artists
Special Requests Volume 4 - Colin Dewar
A Dozen Dances - Jim Berry
The Bobby Brown Collection (the new CD set containing the 3 LPs)
Book 41 - David Cunningham


Strathspey subscribers can help in the update.

1. If you have noticed any errors in the current Index, please
let us know so that we can correct them. It is our plan to issue
replacement pages for those with errors.

2. If you are aware of any new albums not on the above list (or
in the current Ramsay), please let us know. Similarly, information
about albums that are about to appear would be helpful.

3. If there are older albums of which you are aware that were
overlooked in the first edition and which would be helpful to have
included, please let us know also.


The fact that we had very few errors in the Index, was due in no
small measure to the work of our validators: each entry was reviewed
by someone who owned the album to ensure as high a degree of accuracy
as possible.

We have a significant team of validators from last time, and, with
the much smaller number of albums involved this time, we do not
anticipate a major problem in validation.

If we do need more volunteers for validation, I shall send out a
separate post to Strathspey.


In order to set some boundaries to the project, it was decided that
only recorded music in the LP, Cassette or CD formats would be
included. 78s and 45s are not included. Only albums of SCD music (or
with significant SCD content) are included. Albums of =B3listening
music=B2 (as if all music were not!) are not in the Index.


When complete, the update will be available (on different coloured
stock) for inclusion in The Ramsay Index binders.


Communication on the update will be by e-mail, unless other forms are

Please send your comments to me at


If needed, I may be reached by snail, phone or fax:

26 Christie Drive
Brampton, ON
L6Z 3J4

Telephone: 905-846-0567

=46ax: 905-846-1783


The members of the Ramsay Team are:

Alan Paterson (Berne)
Ian Sandeman (Peterborough)
Paul Maloney (Mississauga)
Barbara Bilawey (Mississauga)
Ian McHaffie (Brampton).


The Ramsay Index is a catalogue of recorded SCD music, published by
the Teachers=B9 Association (Canada). It contains information on more
than 460 SCD Albums. The Index has 380 pages.

The Index is in fact a group of 10 indexes:

1. An Index of Albums in order of Recording Group.
2. An Index of Albums in order of Album Title.
3. A =B3Full Reference Index=B2 =8B with the information about each
track on each album, including the dance names, tune names,
timing, tempo and barring (e.g. R8*32) =8B where this
information is available.
4. An index of all the Dances covered on the Albums and where they appear.
5. An index of Hornpipes.
6 . An index of Jigs.
7 . An index of Medleys.
8 . An index of Reels.
9 . An index of Strathspeys.
10 . An index of all the tunes on all the tracks.

Those who regularly use Alan Paterson=B9s DanceData (either in the
downloaded version or by consulting it on line) will realize that all
this information is indeed available there. In fact The Ramsay Index
is a subset of DanceData, and Alan Paterson was an indispensible
member of the Ramsay Project Team.

Ian McHaffie

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