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Melbourne Briscoe <> writes:

> but I don't find the posters referred to in the message below to be the way
> I think about SCD, and not at all the way I would like to portray it to
> newcomers. In fact, I find most of the posters somewhat irritating or even
> offensive. [...]
> Perhaps, at most, it is a flame toward the posters themselves and what they
> represent.
> Sorry to be so grumpy so early in the week, but I care a lot about SCD and
> don't want to see it represented in this way.

I've had a look at the WWW site when it was new and I thought some of
the posters in question (not all) actually were quite funny. However I
can see that others would disagree with that. (Probably some would find
the unfunny-to-me posters utterly hilarious and vice-versa.)

Anyway I'd say that whether the pictures are irritating or offensive or
side-splittingly comical isn't going to make a big difference in the
grand scheme of things. What is really more important when it comes to
portraying SCD to newcomers is the attitude of the people that they have
to contend with -- teachers and fellow group-members and so on. If
newcomers are greeted with sincerity, openness and consideration I don't
think whatever is printed in a book or put up on a wall alone is going
to turn them off (other things may). And at the end of the day it's up
to you whether you put up the Edge Reels posters at your beginner's
class! If you think people won't enjoy them (and the British approach to
that may well be different from the American approach) then just leave
them where they are (in the privacy of your home or in Edge, as the case
may be).

The thing that concerns me more about this issue has to do with the
Strathspey list. Careful readers of the list will have noticed that the
Edge Reels poster announcement had been published for the first time on
24 May, about four weeks ago. Now I think we all agree that tasteful
announcements of new products (like books and CDs) that have to do with
SCD are a welcome and informative addition to the list traffic, and
actually the list's blurb says so. But what I personally would like to
see is people posting their full announcements just once instead of
every four weeks.

Of course I don't mean to insinuate that Chris plans to remind us of the
Edge Reels posters every month from now on. In fact it must be
emphasized that in Chris's case the original `announcement' was in reply
to Bruce Hamilton's asking for pictures that show `the joy of dancing',
so depending on your individual mind-set this was actually quite
topical; however it is understandable that Chris might like to have the
actual announcement in a more prominent place, i.e., its own message. I
suppose what I would have done in Chris's place was to post a reply to
Bruce's question saying something like `see the announcement that I've
just posted separately' and then put up the actual announcement under
its own subject line. From then on, if somebody asks for funny SCD
posters, a brief message saying, in effect, `We have some nice ones on
http://...' should get the point across without having to repeat the
whole announcement to the list. Or the full announcement could be sent
by private e-mail to the person who asked. In any event I think we can
assume that most of the readership have seen the full announcement by
now, and that it doesn't need to be repeated for the foreseeable future.
Just think what the list would be like, if, with so many creative minds
among the subscribers, everybody thought it helpful to remind everybody
else of their respective offerings once per month or so.

Curmudgeonly yours,
Anselm Lingnau (Frankfurt, Germany), Strathspey SCD mailing list maintainer (`Subject: help' for info)
SCD stuff on WWW at

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