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Just as a point of clarification re: "sniping" - Peat Fire Flame had been
taught incorrectly more than once in the weeks before the ball - it wasn't
just a misprint. Those in the class who tried to "correct" this were
ignored. I was using the original source that clearly had the left hand
turn in it and was being told that I was incorrect - thus the confusion and
the attempt to verify which "version" was correct.

It was a great weekend - a wonderful ceilidh - great music. However, I've
reached an age where physically I find it too demanding to go to a workshop
all day, a ball all night and more workshop the next day - and if I have to
choose between a workshop and a ball - I usually opt for the ball.

I would like to see such weekends structured to allow more flexibility -
broken down into smaller sessions and priced separately with a description
of what's in each section - then you could do some of a workshop, picking
what appealed to you most, and still be able to do the ball as well.

I also think that it would be nice if a list of dances taught at workshops
could be provided as well as the books and CD's from which the dances are
taken - increasing sales and benefitting musicians and dance devisors as
well as the RSCDS who publishes many of these materials. A number of people
have mentioned that they very much enjoyed the workshop dances but couldn't
remember their names but would like to have the names, instructions and
music for them.

And from the feedback I'm getting from our dancers, they made the effort to
ask a lot of out of town visitors to dance. I had discussed this with the
dancers who come to my sessions and encouraged them to do this - I've
followed up with an email to them asking them to let me know how many out of
town guests they danced with and have been getting a lot of positive
feedback - hope even more people will make it to Houston next year - you'll
have no shortage of friendly partners.

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> Congratulations to the Houston and District Branch on their terrific
> weekend! From the Friday evening Ceilidh, with so many wonderful party
> pieces, through the Workshop classes taught so well by Ron Wallace and
> Gary Thomas, and the Ball with great music by Wild Rose from the San
> Francisco Bay, to the final lunch of Texas Bar-B-Que and Shiner Bock
> beer, everything was splendid.
> The Hall in the Rice Memorial Center on the Rice University campus made a
> wonderful setting for the classes and Ball, excellent wood floor, soaring
> windows, the sun shining through the branches of the live oaks outside,
> you couldn't ask for more.
> Despite the pre-event sniping, Peat Fire Flame was danced as it was
> briefed, correctly. So two words "left hand" were omitted from the Ball
> booklet - the word "turn" was in there. This wasn't somebody's "way" of
> doing the dance, just a typo in an aide-memoire. This is why a dance
> should always be taught from the original source, not from a cheat sheet
> or dance booklet. Mistakes happen, no matter how many proof-readers you
> have. (Of course, even the RSCDS puts out errata from time to time.)
> And the Texas dancers who attended the Ball but not the Workshop missed
> out on an opportunity to learn from the best, and to dance some really
> fun dances to more of that amazing music.
> Thank you. Houston!
> Becky
> Becky Sager
> Marietta GA USA
> --
> Rebecca Sager <xxxxxx3@xxxx.xxx>

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