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I think Alan Paterson has said most of the things I could say.
I also really enjoyed my two weeks of stress in St. Andrews both times. Maybe
because I had the same tutor :-)
(But no, I haven't been in the same class)

Actually, I liked to be in St. Andrews this year, not having to take a test at
all. But I really, really missed the very special athmosphere you had in those
You are a group, you are working together and that is what I remember best.
On the other hand I have seen classes with more difficulties, where people don't
match and you don't get that feeling of grouip-comfort. (I think, I haven't ask
:-) ), so it may be sort of luck to be in that group which is best for you.

I was lucky in this case, I was lucky to have a tutor which I liked and I was
lucky to pass.
So I don't know what I would say, if one or more of this things haden't figured
out that way.
But I remember that at the end of the Prelim Weeks it wasn't really importent to
me to pass, I was at that point quite happy about the things I have learned and
passing of the exam was a nice plus.
But I also realised that in some areas a exam is much more important than in our
area, and maybe thats the really stessfull point.

An exam is an exam, and its stressfull, otherwise it's no exam.
But if the people at home treat you as sombody with no mind, or talent, or... if
you don't pass, THAT's a harmfull thing.
Maybe a point to think about?

An other point: I know the written exam seems to be the least important thing,
but I was happy it was a written one, not a verbal one, because I hate to be
questioned by an examiner, but I like to write it down. It has been like this
since school.
But maybe other people hate to write and love to talk?
Would it be a possibility for those to skip the written part and being
questioned instead?
It would be more or something else to do for teh examinars, but is it worth
thinking about?

I have seen people who haven't passed.
In some cases i don't know why, in some cases it was the thing to be expected
But in some cases it was just because they got nervous during the teaching part,
but normaly they teach very nice.
I am sorry about that, but I don't have an idea what to change about this. It's
the same thing in every exam you can take. You now before and after, but during
the exam there is a black hole in your head. (I know what I am talking about :-(
beeing questioned is calling for a black hole..)
In other exams they have tried to change it a bit and mix the test-result with
the results of the things they have seen the time before (For example the german
abitur, the results of the last two years in school count,) but still the final
test is the most important thing. If you don't pass it, you could have been
execellent before, you simply don't pass.
So if somebody comes up with a praktikal idea to change this, it would be
something to change. But i have no idea.

A last thing:
What would be the harm in doing the exam as often as you want?
Why is there the "3 chances and you are out"-thing?
Maybe it could reduce the stress not beeing limited like this.
How many people who failed because they where nervous get it in the third try
knowing it's the very last chance?


Anja Girards
Cologne, Germany

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