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Dianna Shipman

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Thank you - I'll follow up on it - It's great to be able to get such useful
information so quickly - and much appreciated.
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>I would definitely look for a CD player with variable-speed capability. If
>you use it on tapes, there is no reason to suppose you do not need it with
>CD. We use a JVC karioke box, with CD and cassette, both with variable
>control, and are so spoiled by it that we feel very frustrated when using
>someone else's equipment, for instance when we are doing a demonstration
>where they have their own sound system set up for all the entertainment,
>which does not have that control. The available microphone has also come in
>very handy in larger settings.
>We find the remote control is very useful when teaching. One spends
>less time trotting across the room to start/stop/reset the music, and can
>pay more attention to the dancers from various positions in the room.
>Our unit will play any selected track, without having to scroll through all
>of them, but the one thing it does not do which would sometimes be useful
>pause and re-start at the same point in the music. When we stop the music,
>it re-starts at the beginning of the selected track.
>The unit is 12 watts, which is enough for a small classroom (up to four
>sets) but for halls any larger, we have to wire it to an 85-watt keyboard
>amplifier, which we have used successfully in church halls, gymnasiums, and
>on outside demonstration platforms, or we have wired it to available sound
>systems already set up at demonstrations and games. It lacks a line-out
>for sending the sound through an amplifier, so we get around this by using
>the headphone jack. We use a second-hand keyboard amplifier because they
>have better sound quality that ordinary guitar amplifiers, but they are
>readily available at musical equipment stores that cater to popular
>musicians. (When we asked for a sound demonstration, the guys in the store
>had a good time with the piping and dancing music we put on their player.
>One had to go show us an electronic keyboard with a "bagpipe" voice. It was
><<not>> what they usually hear blasting from their speakers.)
>Like Jack, we got our system through TACSound, and it is, sadly, no longer
>available. You might browse the Supreme Audio web site
>( . I do not know if they ship to the UK, or if it
>would be worth the cost, but if not, they could perhaps refer you to a
>British company which handles the equipment you need. They certainly ship
>Texas, however.
>It is also useful to keep tape capability, and a combination unit obviates
>the necessity of carrying two separate machines, and finding yourself
>leaving one at home because it is so much to haul around. Not many people
>have a need for a computer that can edit and write music to CD, which is
>expensive both in time and equipment. While CDs are far
>easier to use with the right equipment, and sound much better, there is a
>lot of music that is not available except on records, which are growing
>increasingly scarce, or cassettes. We have been collecting all the old LPs
>can get our hands on, and transferring the music to CDs, but some was never
>issued on vinyl; it is only on cassette. We have recorded a few
>cassette tapes on CD, but tapes are much more noisy, and you seem to notice
>the hiss much more when it comes off a CD, with is clear transmission of
>whatever sound it finds.
>Dawn Dorsey & Bob Messner
>Tucker, Georgia, USA
>>Three particular questions concern me:
>>We are presently using a tape player produced by the same company. This
>>has variable speed playback, and we have found this useful, whereas the
>>proposed new box does not. Do other clubs find this to be necessary with
>>CDs? Is it commonly available?
>Ian Brown
>>Ian Brown <xxxx@xxxxx.xx.xx>
>I'm interested in the same info but for the U.S. Any suggestions?
>Dianna Shipman
>Houston, Texas

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